Current Layout by Bill Lane

Layout Name:

"Lane's Trains"

Official Web Site:

Layout Status:


Track Type:


Layout Space:

12'4" x 29'8"

Layout Style:


Track Manufacturer:

S-Helper Service, turnouts by John Wickham

Rail Size:

code 138, 100 (branch)

YouTube Channel:


The layout is basically very similar to a typical S-scale modular layout set up at a train show, in that you walk around the layout on the outside. It is set up in the center of the room, with the interior of the layout hidden via backdrops (to hide the structural poles used in the house. While the layout supports switching on both sides of the long edges, Bill's preference is to run long trains, which he can definitely do. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel where he features a lot of long S-scale trains doing run-by's.


(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

Called the "PRR Alphabet", this "photo-stacked" photo shows Bill's various PRR steam locomotives, from left to right: A5 (0-4-0, "Switcher"), B6 (0-6-0, "Shifter"), I1 (2-10-0, "decapod"), J1 (2-10-4, Texas"), K4 (4-6-2, "Pacific"), M1a (4-8-2, "Mountain").

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

Another stacked photo showing the front of the Reading coal drag all the way to the back perfectly in focus.

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

A long, American Models-based, Amtrak train snakes its way through Bill's layout. The A-A consist pulls a head-end car and 9 passenger cars.

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

The PRSL lives on on Bill's layout.

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

This photo was taken during a 2012 visit to Bill's layout. It shows how Bill did his layout's fascia. This portion of the layout has scenery below the main line's track, which yields a very dramatic effect. The entire fascia is composed of the track plan, for easy control of the various turnouts.

(copyright © Peter Vanvliet; used by permission)

This scene is set on the back porch of an Overland Models EMD SD40-2, decorated for Conrail #6469, where the crew is taking a break grilling some ribs and hamburgers.

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)

Bill calls this photo his "Sea of EMD".

(copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission)
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