Downloadable Documents

As a convenience to those who already know what kinds of documents can be found on the NASG web site, this page provides a simple, quick listing of those.

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Click the file to have your web browser download or display the file (depends on which web browser you are using, which optional add-ons you have installed, and which operating system your computer is using). For PDF files, we recommend either of the following reader applications, if you don't already have one installed:


These are documents that are articles or presentations that people have sent in for posting here on this web site.

NASG - General

NASG - Cars

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, download, print, and mail this form along with your payment.

NASG - Contests

NASG - Conventions

(Note: these documents are currently under revision. The new versions will be made available a.s.a.p. Contact the NASG president if you are interested in holding a future NASG Convention)

NASG - Train Show Booths

There are currently no official NASG Booths planned. The NASG BOT is looking into options.

NASG - Clubs' Support

NASG - Library

Our dedicated page for the NASG Library has all the available documents listed.


For any of our S-MOD documentation, see the dedicated S-MOD Modules page.

Model Manuals

See our Product Notes section of this web site, which provides all sorts of information as well as the manuals and instruction sheets (where available).

Product Gallery