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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. Each weekend a new photo is added to the top of the list, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo (contact the webmaster).

copyright © Bob Hogan; used by permission.

"The Supply Car" was an online retail store that Bob McCarthy created. In addition to selling other manufacturers' products, he also started creating this own product line of kits. He created passenger cars (based on American Models shells), a flat car kit (a collaboration between Bob M., Charles Boas, and Lake Junction Models), and box car and refrigerator cars (manufactured for Bob M. by Lake Junction Models). Unfortunately, Bob M. had some serious health issues which ultimately led to his passing. Since he was working with Bob Hogan before his passing, Bob H. wound up with Bob M.'s inventory. Bob H. and other local modeler Pete Silcox have been going through that inventory. They...

...recently discovered a number of partially-started models that Bob M. was working on, and so they decided to finish them in a manner that they suspected was Bob M's original intent. These are shown in this photo. The models are posed on Bob Hogan's beautiful layout. One of the models Bob H. and Pete were unaware of was the 50-foot double-sheathed box car kit. The 50-foot kits were apparently available with single doors, 1-1/2 doors, and double-doors (prototype for these cars is unknown). Shown in the photo are (front to back): a Great Northern double-door 40' auto car; two Northern Pacific 40' 10' interior-height box cars; two NP 40' 1-1/2-door box/auto cars, and the "discovered" Northern Pacific 50', this one with the 1-1/2 doors.

copyright © Paul Washburn; used by permission.

The crew of 2-6-0 #1727 is preparing the engine for the day's run on Paul Washburn's layout.

copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission.

A special day on Bill Lane's layout, when all of his modern road power came out for a railfan photoshoot.

copyright © John Clifford; used by permission.

John Clifford has built an 8' x 10' A.C. Gilbert-based layout with Bachmann Plasticville structures, and he shares a couple of photos of it on his layout page.

copyright © Paul Washburn; used by permission.

Paul Washburn has been working on expanding his layout. It now includes a peninsula. He has the track, wiring, and the Del-Aire system (for controlling the turnouts) all done. He sent a number of photos, which you can see on his layout page.

copyright © Bill Winans; used by permission.

Bill Winans was able to participate in an operating session on Jim Spice's Sn3 layout, and took some photos for us to enjoy. You can see them all on this page.

copyright © Alex Zelkin; used by permission.

Alex sent in a few more photos of his layout. He is wanting to start a new layout, but he has not yet brought himself to tearing the existing one down. Judging from the photos, we can all imagine that that would indeed be a very hard decision. Alex is a Frenchman modeling in Sn3. He has written a book about his layout, and you can see more photos on this page.

copyright © Warren Judge; used by permission.

Warren Judge has a very nice display layout that shows what can be done with Sn2. He provided information and photos of his 4' x 6' layout, clearly showing that one doesn't need much space to build a beautiful layout in S-scale. You can view more photos on this page.

copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission.

The Reading is moving into New Jersey. Bill took this photo of his Reading collection, steam and diesel trains pulling both freight and passenger trains.

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