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About the Home Page Photos

Below is a bit more detailed information about the photos shown in our home page's rotation. Click the photo to see the larger version used on the home page. To help keep this listing fresh, please consider sending the webmaster a photo of your layout, diorama, module, model, or an S-scale event.

Photo #1

copyright © Roger Nulton; used by permission.

This scene represents the coal chutes at McDoel Yard in Bloomington on Roger Nulton's layout. The structure is a Mini-Structures wood and cardstock "craftsman" kit that was significantly modified to represent the prototype more closely. The light Mikado #450 is a brass model from Overland Models that has been "Mononized" with a capped stack, crescent running board steps, and other details. The outside braced hopper is ready-to-run from S-Helper Service and is custom painted.

Photo #2

copyright © Joe Coen; used by permission.

Joe's one-car-garage-sized layout proves that you don't need a large amount of space to enjoy S-scale model railroading. This S-Helper Service switcher is putting in some real serious time working the Texas Southern yard. The NW2 was not repainted, but rather Joe wet-sanded off the original heralds and reporting marks, and then applied custom decals for his freelanced Texas Southern. You can see more photos of Joe's layout on this page.

Photo #3

copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission.

This is one impressively-long unit tank train running on Bill Lane's layout. The tank cars were produced by Downs Model Railroad Co.

Photo #4

copyright © Rich Gajnak; used by permission.

Kansas Green Belt #357 takes on water in Iola, Kansas on Rich Gajnak's former layout. The lengthy process allows time for some of the crew to strike up a conversation.

Photo #5

copyright © Bob Frascella; used by permission.

D&H C420 #404 with the Canton Local takes the siding at Columbia Crossroads, PA on Bob Frascella's Delaware & Hudson-inspired layout. The C420 was built with 3D-printed body components designed by Bob and powered with an American Models drive system. The 3D-printed parts can be found on the Century Models Shapeways store and Bob is preparing an article on building the C420 in S-scale. The layout is proto-freelanced and represents a plausible scenario where the Delaware & Hudson acquired and restored the former Pennsylvania Railroad's Elmira Branch from Williamsport, PA to Elmira, NY as a concession to the Conrail merger. The setting is 1977 and many of the locomotives are still painted for the former railroads now merged into Conrail. This photo appeared on the inside cover of the November 2023 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine in the NASG promotional ad campaign. For information on how you, too, can have a photo of your layout appear in one of the NASG ads in RMC, see this page. You can see more photos of Bob's layout on this page.

Photo #6

copyright © Jim Martin; used by permission.

Taken at a local train show in April 2023, the S Scale Workshop members who were able to attend this particular show took this self-portrait. From left to right are Paul Raham, John Johnston, Andy Malette, Jamie Bothwell, and Jim Martin. They are standing by the "behind-the-scenes" train turntable of their point-to-loop/point show layout. It allows trains to enter after their run and another to depart. It can be lined up with one of its three tracks to the mainline track of the layout, which you can see through the cut-out in the sky-colored backdrop. Depending on how it is used, it is a very space-efficient means of turning whole trains, or simply staging in-bound and out-bound trains.

Photo #7

copyright © Roger Nulton; used by permission.

Northward train #4 rounds the curve approaching Gosport Junction. The F3 units were produced by S-Helper Service (now Scale Trains). Roger converted them to Phase I models by installing high fans, removing the grills between the two portholes, and installing a third porthole. Decals are Microscale, now available from Des Plaines Hobbies. You can see more photos of Roger's layout on this page.

Photo #8

copyright © Hugh Sinn; used by permission.

Just simply a beautiful scene on Hugh Sinn's "Reading Chester County Branch Line" 12' x 15' layout (see more photos here).

Photo #9

copyright © Paul Washburn; used by permission.

Paul Washburn scratch-built D&RGW C-48 class 2-8-0 #1151 from brass and styrene. The drivers are from North Yard and detailing parts are from P-B-L, Precision Scale Co., and River Raisin Models. The model was painted with Tamiya acrylic paints. Paul used San Juan D&RGW Steam Locomotive decals. The engine's crew are figures from Modelu in the UK (part #22050, #22005). The box car is an S Scale America Fowler kit (part #SSA708) painted with P-B-L Star Brand paint (part #str14) D&RGW faded box car red. The decals are also from S Scale America (part #ssaD&RGW). The bridge is made from a variety of wood parts. The pillars are 3/16" dowels from Cindoco Wood Products while bracing is made with Northeastern scale lumber. The bridge ties are from Clover House, and the small spikes and code 70 rail are from Micro Engineering. This photo appeared on the inside cover of the October 2023 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine in the NASG promotional ad campaign. For information on how you, too, can have a photo of your layout appear in one of the NASG ads in RMC, see this page. You can see more photos of Paul's layout on this page, and other examples of models he has scratchbuilt via this page.

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November 28, 2023: This video, taken in 2010, shows a Lionel Big Boy pulling 155 cars all by itself on the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers Carolinas Division's layout at a local train show.

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