NASG Company Store

The NASG Company Store offers items for sale to NASG members and non-members. Sales provide additional support for the NASG organization.

Contact person: Chris Crnich, NASG Company Store manager

Shipping Costs

Within the United States

The prices shown on these pages include shipping to addresses within the continental United States. Items will be mailed via United States Postal Service "First Class" mail service. Please note that due to the ever increasing cost of shipping, our prices may need to be periodically adjusted accordingly. For some of our items the cost of shipping is higher than the item's cost. This is largely due to weight.

Outside of the United States

All prices shown on this web site are in U.S. dollars. By using the online shopping cart, you will save the hassle of having to convert your local currency to U.S. dollars (PayPal does this automatically). To order one or more of the products shown on this page, please follow these steps:

  1. determine the products you would like to order, and how many of each.
  2. e-mail Chris to have him calculate your additional postage.
  3. Add the items that you wish to purchase to our online shopping cart (see the "Add to Cart" buttons on each of the product category pages).
  4. When ready, click on the shopping cart content (upper right corner of the page) to purchase your items.
  5. There will be a step in the check-out process in which you will be prompted for extra-postage payment. Enter the extra postage quote Chris gave you.
  6. Proceed with finalizing your payment on PayPal.

Our Current Inventory

Click the product category below to see what we have available. Feel free to come back to this page and select a different category. You can add different items to your shopping cart by visiting these pages, and pressing their respective "Add to Cart" buttons.

Product Gallery