NASG A.F. Commemorative Cars

In 1981 and then from 1988 through 2019, the NASG produced an American Flyer Commemorative Car (or engine) each year, which were, originally, available for sale to NASG members only. These are limited-production collector cars, typically produced by Lionel. On this page we show only the ones currently available. If you want to see a listing of all of the cars produced under this program, please visit this page.

Contact person: Clay Buckage

How To Order?

You may order an NASG American Flyer Commemorative car or cars via postal mail or by using this web site's shopping cart, whichever is more convenient for you.

Order Via Postal Mail

Please download, fill out, and mail, along with your payment, this form (PDF). To pay for your order, you will need to make out a check or money order to the "NASG" and it must be drawn against a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars. Your item(s) will ship when payment-in-full has been received and your payment has cleared our bank.

Order Via This Web Site's Shopping Cart

Alternatively, you can use our online shopping cart by adding the car or cars listed below to your shopping cart. We use PayPal for our online shopping cart, so you can use whichever method of payment PayPal currently offers to pay for your order (we do not require that you have a PayPal account, so if PayPal prompts you for that, just ignore it).


To U.S. or Canadian Addresses

We have a flat-rate shipping fee of $10 when you order one item, or $20 when you order two or more items, from this page and/or the NASG Convention Cars page.

Outside of North America

If your shipping address is not in the United States or Canada, we highly recommend that you use our online shopping cart, as that will simplify all the currency-conversion. Shipping internationally costs more, so to order one or more of these cars, and shipping outside of North America, do the following:

  1. determine which car or cars you would like to order.
  2. e-mail Clay to have him calculate your additional postage.
  3. purchase your items via the online shopping cart below.
  4. enter the extra postage quoted to you when so prompted during check-out (this value should be just the amount over and above the standard $10 or $20 shipping fee described above)

Inventory Reduction Sale

The NASG Board of Trustees has authorized the "Inventory Reduction Sale", effective January 1, 2020. The sale applies to all the cars listed below. Your purchase of these cars helps to continue to support the NASG. Please note the following restrictions:

  1. This sale does NOT apply to the 2016 extra-pallets;
  2. Items shown on this page are only available while supplies last;
  3. First-come, first-served;
  4. All other restrictions listed on this page still apply;
  5. This sale will be discontinued at the NASG BOT's discretion.

This page lists the full price, but when added to the online shopping cart, the prices will be automatically reduced as applicable. The sale is as follows:

  • buy one car (excludes extra pallets), price is reduced by 10%.
  • buy two cars (excludes extra pallets), price is reduced by 15%.
  • buy three cars (excludes extra pallets), price is reduced by 20%.
  • buy four cars (excludes extra pallets), price is reduced by 25%.
  • buy five or more cars (excludes extra pallets), price is reduced by 30%.

The 2019 Commemorative Car

The NASG's "American Flyer Commemorative Car" project has come to an end. How fitting that the last car would be a caboose! The 2019 AF Commemorative Car caboose was manufactured by Lionel. It has the road number 8119 (to indicate the first and last year of the program). The car has some special markings.

The 2019 Caboose:


The 2016 Commemorative Car

Road number is 3516, for the 35th car in the series and the year 2016. The car is a Lionel American Flyer Chicago & North Western flat car, that includes 18 pallets of plastic refractories as a load, headed to a steel mill for relining of the soaking pits (or some other industrial usage). Soaking pits were used by steel mills from the 1920s through 1975. Pallets are decorated for the Chicago-based Plibrico Co. Plibrico invented clay-based refractories around the turn of last century and was a major supplier of these materials. Pallets are scale and are held in place by "heavy duty cargo netting". Additional sets can be ordered, either decorated or undecorated.

The 2016 Flat Car:


Extra Set of 4 Decorated Pallets:


Extra Set of 4 Undecorated Pallets:


The 2015 Commemorative Car

Road number is 3415, for the 34th car in the series and the year 2015. The car is a Lionel American Flyer BNSF waffle-sided box car.

The 2015 Box Car:


2006 and 2007 Commemorative Cars

In 2006 Lionel produced the General Electric maintenance-of-way Crane Car. The crane is actually a very accurate model of the real thing based on engineering drawings found for this car. In 2007 Lionel was commissioned to produce a matching Boom Car. You can buy each individually, or you can save $$ by buying the pair at the same time.

2006 Crane Car

2007 Boom Car

2006 & 2007 Crane & Boom Car combo

The 2007 Boom Car:


The 2006 Crane Car:


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