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NASG Web Site Search

In the field below, enter the text for which you wish to search this web site using the DuckDuckGo search engine. DuckDuckGo provides Google-like search functionality, without the tracking that other search engines do. Also, it has the ability to search within PDF files, which means that texts in the NASG Dispatch issues we have on this web site are also searched. For an in-depth look into doing searches, see Peter Vanvliet's Web Site column in the January 2023 NASG Dispatch.

eBay Search

While we are on the topic of doing searches, many people ask about how to effectively search for S-scale items on eBay. Chris Borgmeyer contributed this information.

If you are only interested in doing "scale" searches, use this:

"s scale" -(flyer,gilbert,"american flyer",af,a.f.,a/f,afl,gargraves)

The keywords after the minus sign (in parentheses) are all the words that you do not want the search results to contain, so adjust those as you see fit.

You can add more keywords at the beginning of the text, which are all the words that you do want to include in the search results. For example, this next line adds the keyword "brass" for when you are looking for brass models.

"s scale",brass -(flyer,gilbert,"american flyer",af,a.f.,a/f,afl,gargraves)

Conversely, if you are specifically looking for original American Flyer items, try this:

"american flyer","a.c. gilbert",gilbert -(lionel,gargraves,scale)

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