NASG Web Site Privacy Policy

Google Tracking

The NASG web site does not use Google to measure web site traffic, so, here you are free from Google's tracking of your every move on the Internet. We only use generic server statistics, so there is no way for us to uniquely identify your visit to this site, nor see which pages you specifically went to visit. So, enjoy your visit to our site; no one is watching you! :-)

Facebook Tracking

The NASG web site does not use any "features" by Facebook to track web site visits, such as Facebook Pixel.

Our Web Site Policy

When you purchase something via this web site, because we use PayPal, we have no idea of how you paid for the item(s). So, we don't collect credit card numbers.

Some items require membership into the NASG, so we do need to verify that you are an NASG member when you attempt to purchase an item with that restriction.

This web site does not store "cookies" on your computer, and therefore does not track your visits to our site. When you add an item to your shopping cart, a random number is stored on your computer. Your actual shopping cart is stored in a private area of the NASG web server. It is only that random number that ties your shopping cart to the content of that cart on the server. When you close your web browser, that random number is deleted from your computer, as is the content of your shopping cart (if you had not already manually deleted its content via the button providing that option in the shopping cart page).

External Links

To make our web site as useful as possible to S-scale modelers, you will find a lot of external links (i.e. links that do not reference other pages within our web site). We, obviously, cannot control the content of the external sites, so they have their own privacy policies in place. If you are concerned about privacy, be sure to read their privacy policy before doing any business with them. Some of those sites may have Google tracking installed, which will allow them and Google to track your movements about the Web.

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