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The main "Layouts" button of this web site lists all the known S layouts. The purpose of that section is to show what kind of modeling is being done in our favorite scale, to offer ideas, to inspire other modelers, and to show that there are indeed many people who model in S-scale.

If you have a layout that includes S-scale modeling (basement "empire", conventional model railroad, table-top, modular, sectional, diorama, etc.), feel free to provide this web site's webmaster with data and/or photos, and we will be happy to post them in the "Layouts" section of this web site.

Here are a couple of notes:

  • no address or geographical location information of where the layout or the owner is/was located will be provided by this web site (for privacy purposes); please note that if a link is provided to an external web site, that web site may give away where the layout is located, but we don't control that (all external links are links to sites that anyone can get to).
  • you do not need to be an NASG member to contribute your information.
  • all data is optional, except for the first two fields in the form below, which are required; for any of the other fields, if you don't know or don't want to provide some bit of data, that's perfectly fine.
  • photos provided are presumed to be copyrighted by you, unless you communicate to the webmaster who took the photo; proper credit will be extended.
  • by submitting a photo, you give the NASG webmaster permission to post that photo on this web site, unless you explicitly state not to do so (e.g. when clarifying some aspect of the layout to the webmaster).
  • data and/or photos can be updated at any time, so that you can show progress on your layout.
  • any number of photos are supported, so feel free to send however many that you want.
  • Brooks Stover has offered to help anyone with their photo submissions, such as applying some light Photoshop editing, if so desired.
  • layouts/dioramas do not have to have any completed state; this is not like some magazines; sometimes showing the under-construction photos can be very helpful to others.
  • Any layout style, prototype/freelance, and era is fair game, so long as it contains S-scale/1:64 modeling, so American Flyer layouts, "scale", "hi-rail", and narrow-gauge are all acceptable, as are farming- or vehicle-modeling scenes or dioramas.
  • we are set up to show more than one layout per person, so feel free to share photos and data of previous layouts (please indicate if it is an old layout; we always presume that it is your current one).
  • you can submit photos and information about other people's layouts, so long as you have permission from the layout owner to do so (if the person is still alive, that is)
  • club layouts info and photos can be submitted (please indicate so in the Notes), but those are shown in the dedicated "Clubs" section of this web site.

e-mail Message

Feel free to send an e-mail message at any time. If you want to send one or more photos, feel free to attach them to one or more e-mail messages. Click here to start an e-mail message (see the form below for explanations of some of the fields).

Data-only Form

If you prefer to fill out the form instead, feel free to do so. If you wish to provide information about your current layout and any previous layout(s), you will need to fill out the form once for each layout. To provide photos, please attach one or more photos to one or more e-mail messages to the webmaster:

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