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This page lists all known books that have been published involving S-scale. They are listed in alphabetical order by title. Click the photo to visit the related web site.

A.C. Gilbert's Famous American Flyer Trains

copyright © Heimburger House Publishing

This book provides historical information about A.C. Gilbert and his company's American Flyer S-scale trains.

A.C. Gilbert's Heritage

copyright © Heimburger House Publishing

This book offers one-of-a-kind product photos, a history of the Gilbert family, inside information, and the original price list from 1951.

A.C. Gilbert's Postwar American Flyer S-Gauge Reference Manual

copyright © Trainrefs

This manual was released in 2001. It provides detailed information about how to perform repairs on American Flyer products. It features photos that are actual size.

American Flyer: Classic Toy Trains

copyright © Friedman

This book provides an illustrated guide to the American Flyer product history.

American Flyer Price & Rarity Guide

copyright © TM Books & Video

This guide provides in-depth analysis of pricing trends for A.C. Gilbert and Lionel American Flyer products. Originally released in 2004, this second edition was released in 2012. TM Books & Video seems to no longer list the book, hence the link to Amazon, but other retailer may still have book in stock as well.

American Flyer Trains Pocket Price Guide

copyright © Kalmbach Publishing Company

Kalmbach's guide, also known as the "Greenberg Guide", covers current market values of original A.C. Gilbert and, later, Lionel American Flyer products. It is updated every other year. Kalmbach seems to no longer list it on their web site, hence the link to; a lot of other retailers will stock, or be able to get you, a copy as well.

Complete Service Manual for American Flyer Trains

copyright © M D K

This book was written by the owner of K-Line Trains. It features wiring diagrams, schematics, repair, and operating instructions for American Flyer products. This book was published a long time ago, so it might be hard to find and pricey.

Gilbert American Flyer Diesel Locomotive Parts Listing

copyright ©

This spiral-bound book with exploded views of A.C. Gilbert diesel locomotives.

Gilbert American Flyer Factory Memos to All Service Station Technicians

copyright ©

This spiral-bound book provides insight into the changes made to specific models thanks to the preservation of the company's memos.

Gilbert American Flyer Instruction Book

copyright © Bibliographic Press

This book is a reprint of the original 1952 book published by A.C. Gilbert themselves. It offers information about how to operate and maintain your A.F. trains and how to build A.F. layouts.

Gilbert American Flyer Product Directory Listing

copyright ©

This spiral-bound book answers questions about products produced by A.C. Gilbert.

Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge Repair & Operating Guide

copyright © Thomas B. Barker

This book is now in its fourth edition, and available in both b&w and color. It covers how to mechanically and cosmetically restore your American Flyer cars and engines, as well as accessories, by an author who has real-world experience.

Gilbert American Flyer Steam Locomotive Parts Listing

copyright ©

This spiral-bound book with exploded views of A.C. Gilbert steam locomotives.

Gilbert American Flyer Steam Locomotives Photographic Directory

copyright ©

This spiral-bound book contains photos of every AF steam engine, with identification of all its features.

Standard Catalog of American Flyer Trains

copyright © Krause Publications

This book was released in 2007 and covers the pre-WWII American Flyer HO- and O-gauge-compatible trains, and the post-war S-scale products produced by A.C. Gilbert.

The Degulbeef & Cradding Railroad

copyright © Benchmark Publications

Frenchman Alexander Zelkin built this gorgeous Sn3 layout, and subsequently documented it into this book.

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