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This report lists model railroad track-related products, including track-side details. Click photos to visit the web sites.

February 27, 2021

Homasote Roadbed by Central & Western HomaRoad Supply

This new company is getting ready to offer Homasote-based roadbed material. They currently only offer HO-scale products, but they have announced that they are planning on releasing S-scale versions later in 2021. If you are in the market for this type of roadbed, be sure to contact them and let them know that you want S or Sn3/Sn2 sub-roadbed material; maybe they'll bump it up higher in their "to-do" list.

December 03, 2020

New Track-cleaning Car by Centerline Products

The company announces their newest version of their track-cleaning car. This one is designed to fit an American Models 40-foot box car body (not included).

December 03, 2020

Non-operating Bethlehem Switch Stand by Mike Fyten

Mike is making available to the S-scale community his own design 3D-printed Bethlehem switch stand. These are non-operating. If you want operating ones, contact Jim King of Smoky Mountain Model Works. Mike is selling his at $1 each, with no shipping fee. Click to send an e-mail.

December 02, 2020

Broken Face Granite Bridge Abutment/Pier by Pre-Size Model Specialties

Pre-Size Model Specialties makes available the matching Broken Face Granite bridge abutment and pier.

October 14, 2020

#4 Frog for Code 100 Rail by S Scale Track Works

S Scale Track Works announces the availability of #4 frog parts for code 100 rail. The company continues to make the #6 and #8 frogs. These are cast in nickel-silver to match your regular rail.

October 14, 2020

Switch Stands by Lines West Products

The company has available Milwaukee Road Woodworth switch stands with mainline chevron targets with headblocks and also without headblocks. These are available in two-packs, six-packs, and 24-packs for those who have an entire layout to update.

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