News: Structures

This report lists structure kits, pre-built structures, and/or structure-detailing parts. Click photos to visit the web sites.

July 27, 2021

Track-side Structure Kits by SooParts

Newly-discovered manufacturer, SooParts, offers two small and relatively inexpensive kits for track-side structures in S-scale.

June 30, 2021

Placerville Store Kit by Larkspur LaserArt

The company announces the re-run of this kit, which they had previously released under the Model Monster Works company name.

March 24, 2021

New Gas Stations by Greenlight

March 16, 2021

John Armstrong's Model of Nighthawks

The link to the external web site takes you to an O-scale announcement and product review of the kits that make up a version of the John Armstrong's model of Nighthawks, which John based on the Edward Hopper's painting by that name. The O-scale version (shown in the photo) has already been produced, and the S-scale version are now also available (see second photo). The kits are designed and produced by Right On Track Models (on commission, so not listed on their site), and sold by Wit and Wisdom Models (no web site), which is owned by David Vaughn (see e-mail link -->). Click to send an e-mail.

March 10, 2021

Structure Kits by Larkspur LaserArt

The company re-releases two kits they had previously released under their Monster Model Works name.

March 06, 2021

New Structure Kits by Motrak Models

The company releases two new kits intended for narrow-gauge modelers, but could easily be of use as generic buildings on other layouts.

January 09, 2021

Modular Wall System by AcmeDAK

This newly-discovered manufacturer produces items in various scales. They already carry gondola loads for P-B-L cars, non-scale-specific retaining wall sections, short Sn2 tie strips. The company's owner is currently developing a new modular wall system in various scales, including S. He is planning on developing 4" tall and 6" wide wall sections that are 1/8" thick. Various shapes are being proposed (see photo). Each package/wall is $10, with easy online ordering. Shipping is estimated in the March to May, 2021 time-frame. This manufacturer produces items in batches; these are not continuously-in-stock items.

January 03, 2021

Kingfield Covered Station Kit by Portland Locomotive Works

Gary Kohler announced that he is going to create a kit for this station in S-scale. Since these are limited-run kits, he would need to know ahead of time how many to produce. If you have not yet expressed your interest in this kit, now is the time to do so. The Kingfield, Maine covered station was originally built for the Franklin & Megantic Railroad, and it became the longest-surviving covered station of the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad. The problem with covered stations back then was the errand sparks from steam engines that caught the building on fire. Click to send an e-mail.

January 03, 2021

Two New Structure Kits by Right On Track Models

The company has listed two new kits (to us, at least) on their web site.

December 31, 2020

AF #761 Semaphore Parts by Port Lines Hobby Supply

Doug Peck announces that they now have the new replacement parts available for the AF semaphores. Newly available are the signal flag, the screw to attach it, and the pin to link it to the activation rod in the post. Note that the pin and lenses are already included in the flag. Previously available were the lenses, the socket, and the top finial.

December 27, 2020

Patterson, NJ Model by Todd Architectural Models & Layouts

A new S-scale shallow-relief structure is available. It is based on a still-standing factory in Patterson, NJ.

December 16, 2020

Structure Detailing Kits by Larkspur LaserArt

The company announces the availability of a new structure detailing kit, as well as several sheet goods.

December 12, 2020

Machine Works Kit by Larkspur LaserArt

The company announces their latest S-scale kit. It is based on the Hazard Powder Company building in Enfield, CT built in 1850. That company produced gunpowder and explosives from 1835 to 1913. Outside of that, this kit could used for any small industry on your railroad or diorama.

December 04, 2020

Last Chance Gas Kit by Crescent Creek Models

Crescent Creek Models produces O- and HO-scale structure kits, and they have now entered the S-scale market with their gas station kit. The model is based on a prototype Conoco station that stood in Penasco, NM. The kit is laser-cut and includes many details. The second photo also shows the road signs they make available in S-scale.

December 04, 2020

Silverton Northern Depot by Ragg's... to Riches?

This kit is based on the Silverton Northern Railroad's depot in Silverton, Colorado. Built in the late 1800s, it still stands today. It doesn't look like a depot, and, in fact, the prototype never had track within 100-feet of it. So, alternatively, the kit could be used for a small business (grocery, hardware store, tailor, tavern, mercantile, etc.) where the owner lives "in the back". It measures 3" wide by 15-1/2" long.

December 02, 2020

Corrugated Roofing by Wild West Models

The company has convenient corrugated roofing paper available, as an alternative to the aluminum-foil method.

October 16, 2020

Lamplighter Accessory by MTH Electric Trains

MTH announces that their "Gabe the Lamplighter" light tower is in. Constructed from stamped metal and durable ABS plastic, this unique floodlight tower sports an operating multi-light spire. At the base of the tower is a colorful maintenance shed. The tower can be powered from any AC model railroad power supply. These were listed in their 2019 catalog, and will be the last of the MTH-made accessories.

September 05, 2020

Detailing Parts Available by Hidden River Manufacturing

While not directly shown on their web site, if you view their S-scale price list PDF file, the last page shows part #HRM-903s, which is a kit that consists of the following items:
- waiting room bench.
- pigeon hole cabinet.
- office desk.
- office clock.
- ladder (5)
These all make great details to add to your passenger station structures.

September 03, 2020

2020 S-scale Catalog Available by Tichy Train Group

Tichy Train Group now has their 2020 S-scale catalog freely available as a downloadable PDF.

September 03, 2020

Detailing Parts by Modelu

Modelu is a British company that now has some structure detailing parts available. Be sure to check as not all of them are available in S-scale.

August 26, 2020

New Structure Kits by Motrak Models

July 29, 2020

Announcement of Re-run of Cabin Creek Coal Tipple Kit by B.T.S.

B.T.S. is now taking orders for a re-run of this kit. It will be slightly different from the original version. Kits will be manufactured on a per-demand basis, so expect about a two-week delay in shipping.

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