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This report lists structure kits, pre-built structures, and/or structure-detailing parts. Click photos to visit the web sites.

September 23, 2023

New Placerville-based Structure Kits by McCarville Studios

The company has introduced two new kits based on Placerville, Colorado prototypes. Of course, both of them are generic enough to be able to be used on just about any layout.

August 26, 2023

New Photo-realistic Paper Structure Kits by Innovative Hobby Supply

These are kits made from flexstock (card stock) material. Note that these are designed to be used with slot car racing set-ups, so you'll have to decide if they scale out properly based on how you'd use them.

August 17, 2023

Victorian Conservatory Kit by Inter-Action Hobbies

The company announces their S-scale Victorian Conservatory kit, consisting of laser-cut parts. A separate detailing kit is available as well.

August 08, 2023

Jig for Joists, Rafters, and Stairs by Mine Mount Models

The company announces that they now offer a jig for scratchbuilding joists, rafters, or stairs. The jig holds the parts in position while you apply glue. It measures 2" wide and 7-3/4" long. It is designed to be used with 1/32" thick stripwood.

August 05, 2023

Introducing Perplexing Puzzles Plus

This company only sells through their eBay store. They make laser-cut wooden kits in N-, HO-, and S-scale. Their entire S-scale product line is shown here.

August 05, 2023

Section Houses by McCarville Studios

McCarville Studios is now taking pre-orders for these two section houses.

July 19, 2023

Drive-under Bulk Bin by 3D To Scale

3D-printed, molded-color, plastic model kit with simple assembly.

July 19, 2023

Store Front Facade Diorama by Johnny Lightning

Includes the 1959 Chevrolet El Camino.

July 13, 2023

New Structure Kits by Monster Model Works

The company has released three new kits in S-scale. These are laser-cut wood kits, and all are based on prototype buildings.

July 08, 2023

Interior and Exterior 3D-printed Details by Custom Model Depot

July 08, 2023

New Structure Kits (updated) by Berkshire Valley Models

Rich Rand, owner of Berkshire Valley Models, has received requests for an S-scale version of these two HO-scale kits. He will be doing a special run of these soon. This will be a one-time effort, as the source materials he needs to produce these kits are larger than he normally stocks, due to the size of these models in S-scale. Because he has to make additional purchases ahead of time, he is asking for a $50 deposit when you place your order for each of these kits. The Iowa Tiger Tram House (kit #3002) will sell for $289.95, and the Gobles Building Materials (kit #3003) will sell for $169.95. Your deposit will count toward the final cost. The Iowa Tiger facility was just up river from Arrastra Gulch above Silverton on the Silverton Northern RR. The Gobles store sat catty-corner to the D&RG RR depot in Silverton. The photos are of the company's HO-scale kits. Due to their temporary nature, the kits are not listed on their web site, so use the e-mail address to contact Rich if you are interested in ordering one or both of these kits.

Update: Rich has indicated that a project is a "go". Both kits will be produced starting about mid-July 2023.
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June 14, 2023

Barn Building Set by Ertl announces this set.

June 14, 2023

New Structure Kits by McCarville Studios

McCarville Studios announces two new kits for S-scale, namely, the Cumbres Pass Car Inspector's House, and Marvin's Cabins (a three-pack).

May 31, 2023

Weller Store Kit by New Creations Victorian Railroad Buildings

The company continues with their release of buildings in Bakersfield, California, with the Weller Store. The prototype building still stands today. This is a laser-cut kit, with laser-cut roof shingles, and 3D-printed windows. The final model has a footprint of 5 inches square.

May 24, 2023

New 3D-printed Structure Kits by Cartesian Junction

The company announces several more structures. These are 3D-printed kits that the modeler has to paint and build. The company only sells through their eBay store. Do not let the "last one" text get to you, because they have had their other products listed in their store for over a year now; they probably print-to-order, and so they only have one ready to ship.

May 24, 2023

Re-run of Two-Stall Engine House by B.T.S.

B.T.S. is doing another limited-run of the previously-released two-stall enginehouse. It measures a scale 41' wide and 101' long, with a 12' x 24' shop on the side. The web site hasn't been updated yet, but the kit will be listed for $229.95, and is expected to be shipping soon.

May 20, 2023

Weller Gas Station Kit by New Creations Victorian Railroad Buildings

The company announces their second S-scale kit, which is a gas station modeled after the one in Bakersfield, California.

May 17, 2023

Placerville Cafe/Bar by McCarville Studios

The company releases the S-scale version of this prototype-based structure.

April 23, 2023

2-story Brick Utility Building Kit by ITLA Scale Models

Upon request by Bud Rindfleisch, who saw this building listed as an HO-scale model on the company's web site, they produced this S-scale version of the kit. So, the moral of the story here is that if you see something on their web site that you would like to purchase in S-scale, consider asking them. Use this 2-story building as an interlocking tower, a yard office, a ground-level utility building, or even on another structure's roof top as an HVAC mechanical room or elevator head house. Its footprint is 2-1/4" by 3-1/2".

April 22, 2023

New Wild West-themed and Other Structure Kits by Atomic Laser Cut Designs

Atomic Laser Cut Designs, based in Kentucky, has significantly expanded their laser-cut wooden kits product line. These are affordable, easy-to-assemble kits that make a good starting point for your layout. The company intents these to be used in 28mm War Gaming, but that makes them a good fit for S.

April 21, 2023

Introducing Old School Model Works

Old School Model Works is a laser-cut wooden kit manufacturer that focuses on the R/C hobby. However, they have a few items available in 1:64. These appear to be affordable and easy-to-assemble kits.

April 04, 2023

New Structure Kits by B.T.S.

The company announces two new kits for S-scale.

April 04, 2023

Randy's Garage Kit by Mine Mount Models

The company announces their first S-scale kit.

March 29, 2023

Placerville Gas Station Kit by McCarville Studios

This kit is based on a gas station in Old Placerville, Colorado.

March 16, 2023

New Kits by Yelton Models

The company has recently released several new S-scale versions of their kits. These are 3D-printed, unpainted kits. The homes come with two different styles of porch columns.

March 12, 2023

Company House by B.T.S.

Coal and timber companies owned homes such as these, to house their workforce, who would rent them from the company that they worked for. This company house was inspired by one from Pickshin, WV. This kit consists of laser-cut basswood and plywood, and tar-paper roofing. A urethane chimney and some white metal and brass details are included. The tabbed construction provides for easy assembly. The kit includes the piling to build it for a level surface or for a sloped location. Interior partitions are included as are positionable doors and windows.

March 07, 2023

New Structure Kits by McCarville Studios

February 21, 2023

Dock Kits by Narrow Gauge Modeling Co.

The company announces these kits that are compatible with S-scale.

February 20, 2023

New Paper Structure Kits by Innovative Hobby Supply

These are kits that have a photo-realistic image pre-printed on a card-stock-like material. Some kits may come with extra items, such as figures (see their web site for details).

February 18, 2023

Structure and Detailing Parts by New Zealand Finescale

The New Zealand company has added a good number of detailing items.

February 14, 2023

Introducing Mine Mount Models

The company offers a large number of 3D-printed (unpainted) detailing parts in S-scale. These include chimneys, vents, tables, workbench, bookcase, 1970s gas pump, cardstock corrugated siding/roofing, loose tires, picnic tables, industrial storage rack, various cinder blocks (individual and stacked), various bottles, trash cans, wooden barrels, drums, and fire hydrants. They have a variety of HO-scale structure kits, and they are willing to produce any of those in S-scale; just ask. Their web site contains how-to articles in freely available PDF file format. A sampling of their products are shown here.

February 12, 2023

Fire Safety Add-on Detail by Model Tech Studios

To get your structure ready for that fire emergency, install this detail to allow the local fire department to hook up their equipment to the main water line. These come three to a package, and built, painted, and immediately ready to be installed on your layout.

February 02, 2023

(re-)Introducing Big Wanda Knows

Notification of this company was previously listed, but not fully documented. These are the laser-cut wooden kits the company makes available. They sell only through their eBay store. The company also specializes in custom-building any of their kits to your specification, if so desired. They only make S-scale kits. The company uses man's names to identify their kits, rather than product IDs. Apply paper, plastic, or wooden simulated brick sheets to the core to complete the model.

January 27, 2023

Farm House and Barn Kit by Portland Locomotive Works

The company announces their new "Matt Sharp Memorial Farm House and Barn" kit. The photo shows the pilot model that Matt was working on. This kit will only be produced in S-scale, and only as many as there will be pre-ordered. Contact Gary Kohler to place your reservation. Phone: (330) 719-0264.
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January 14, 2023

New Kits by Lake Junction Models

January 12, 2023

Telluride Speeder Shed Kit by McCarville Studios

The company announces their latest kit, a laser-cut one of the speeder shed as found in Telluride and Brown, Colorado. Of course, it appears generic enough that it can be used on just about any layout. The final model has a footprint of 2" x 2.5".

December 28, 2022

New Depots and Shop Kits by Motrak Models

Motrak Models announces several new kits in S-scale on their web site.

December 16, 2022

Bay Window House by Berkshire Valley Models

This laser-cut wooden structure kit is based on the Walsh/Duncan Bay Window House still standing in Animas Forks, CO.

December 16, 2022

ET&WNC Water Tank by Merritt 3D Designs & Printing

The company offers a 3D-printed model of this water tank, in two slightly different versions (compare the second and third photos).

December 16, 2022

Milwaukee Road Harshaw, WI Depot by Hidden River Manufacturing

The company announces this new laser-cut wooden kit.

December 13, 2022

Rooftop HVAC Ducting Kit by ITLA Scale Models

The company has available rooftop and wall HVAC ducting system. The ducting is 0.24" square, so that comes out to 16-inch duct work in S-scale. These are laser-cut kits. Example painting and weathering tips are shown on their web site.

December 13, 2022

Wall Detailing Kit by ITLA Scale Models

The company is offering a nice structure wall detailing kit, which is suitable for S-scale buildings. Parts included are: Ventilation Fans, Electrical Meters & Junction Boxes, Natural Gas Meter, Conduit, Ladder, Fire Hose Connection, Security Gate, Wall Signage. The figure shown in the photos is not included, and it is an O-scale one.

December 12, 2022

Bisgeier Tool Co. Kit by Motrak Models

The company announces this kit, previously only available in HO-scale, as an S-scale model in memory of the owner's friend and HO-scale model railroad Craig Bisgeier. Update: the current status is that you can still pre-order this kit.

December 12, 2022

Telluride Newspaper Office Kit by McCarville Studios

Mike McCarville has released this kit in S-scale. It has a footprint of 4.5" x 6". While based on the Telluride, Colorado prototype, its design is generic enough that it can be used as any small-town professional office building.

December 11, 2022

Two-car Detached Garage Kit by AMT

The kit is sold by Fairfield Collectibles. The model has a footprint of 4" x 6" and is designed to be used with 1:64 diecast vehicles.

November 27, 2022

Mechanical Equipment Building by ITLA Scale Models

The company announces the S-scale version of their Mechanical Equipment Building, a laser-cut wood kit.

November 26, 2022

Telluride Shoe Shop Kit by McCarville Studios

Mike McCarville has released this kit in S-scale. It has a footprint of 4.5" x 6.5". Its design is generic enough that it can be used as any small-town retail store. It comes with an interior wall (to separate the store front from the back room) and the roof has internal rafters, making it easy to optionally model this structure with a full interior and then remove the roof to show that interior to your visitors. By the way, Mike shared a funny story that one of his customers modeled shoes by buying figures, and then simply cutting off their feet, and showing the feet/shoes on the shelves!

November 06, 2022

New Hotel/Saloon Kit by McCarville Studios

The company added this new structure kit to their listing. It represents a combination saloon on the first floor and hotel on the second floor. The model comes with the second-level floor and interior walls.

October 26, 2022

Porta-Potty by 3D To Scale announces this model.

October 24, 2022

Dallas Divide Buildings by McCarville Studios

The company has finished converting all of their HO-scale kits into their equivalent S-scale kits, with these two being the last ones. The owner states that he is now going to focus on new models. As previously stated here, while these are modeled after specific prototype structures, they appear generic enough to be able to be used on just about any layout.

October 21, 2022

Trundle's Bakery by Rail Scale Models

This kit makes a 5" x 6" model. It consists of laser-cut walls, roofs, floor, Tichy windows and doors, and 3D-printed details.

October 16, 2022

(Re-)introducing Berkshire Valley Models

Berkshire Valley Models has been listed as a company that produces scenery details that they flag as compatible with S-scale (although they are O-scale). However, the company has now officially dipped their toe into S-scale by introducing their Tell House structure kit. The laser-cut wood kit is easy to assemble, doesn't take much space, and is affordable.

October 05, 2022

Dodson Farm's Creamery Re-run by B.T.S.

Bill Wade announced that he is doing another run of the Dodson Farm's Creamery kit. Contact the company if you are interested in one as well.

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