News: Passenger Cars

This report lists passenger cars that are available or in the works. This also covers parts that are available for detailing passenger cars. Click photos to visit the web sites.

June 17, 2023

Introducing Rio Grande Western

Roy Stevens runs an eBay store called Rio Grande Western, where he sells his 3D-printed kits. He has been producing HOn3 kits, but has now released some Sn3 kits. These include the D&RGW parlor car kit (does not come with wheels nor couplers), the Jackson & Sharp D&RGW passenger car truck (does not come with wheels), and several configurations of passenger car interiors, designed to fit P-B-L cars.

June 17, 2023

Sn3 C&S Passenger Car Trucks by Leadville Designs

The company announces that they will have these trucks in production this summer. These 5'6"-wheelbase trucks are unique, because classic D&RGW passenger trucks have a 5-foot wheelbase while the Pullmans have a 6-foot one. In the real world, most narrow-gauge truck were composite, but these C&S trucks are all steel. Most narrow-gauge trucks have outside-hung brake beams, but these trucks have inside-hung ones. The trucks are sold as a kit, but only require two screws to assemble. They are full-sprung. The bolsters may require tapping, if desired. The kit will include etched-brass brake rigging, axles, wire, and screws. The trucks will be $59.95 per pair, and they can be pre-ordered now.

February 18, 2023

Passenger Cars and Detailing Parts by New Zealand Finescale

December 21, 2022

ET&WNC Parlor Car by Merritt 3D Designs & Printing

The company releases their 3D-printed ET&WNC parlor car, "Azalea", in Sn3. See their web site for what comes with the kit, and what you will need to supply to build a complete model.

December 16, 2022

D&RGW Chili Line Bay Window Detail by Merritt 3D Designs & Printing

Bay window add-on detail designed for the D&RGW Chili Line cars 284, 306, and 320.

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