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May 01, 2021

NASG Open Positions

The NASG is run by volunteers. As people's schedules or priorities change, some positions became vacant, and so we are looking to fill those.

Note that some of these tasks must be performed regardless of whether or not there is someone dedicated to the task, so that generally means that one of the existing volunteers has to temporarily take on the task. So, by volunteering you are not only helping the NASG, but you may very well be helping a fellow S modeler have just a bit of extra time to work on their own layout!

If you are a member of the NASG, please take a look at these positions and see if that might be something you would be willing to volunteer for. If you are not an NASG member but are interested in S-scale and can volunteer for one of these positions, please consider becoming an NASG member (only $30 per year), and offer your time and services.

Contacting the NASG president is the best way to offer your services, and he will then be able to direct you to the right person for more details.

Assistant Treasurer
We are looking for someone to help the NASG's Treasurer with some of the tasks. These include bookkeeping, invoicing, collections, credit/debit card processing, processing online orders. Experience with QuickBooks is a plus.

Convention Committee
We have a chairman, but we are looking for additional people to help with planning events and meetings.

Promotions Committee
We have a chairman, but we are looking for individuals who would be able to help with implementing some of the plans.

Service Committee
This is a committee that is required by the NASG Constitution, but we have had no one to volunteer for this, so we are looking for a chairperson to take this on.

If you are interested, Click to send an e-mail.

March 19, 2021

2021 NASG Convention Postponed to 2022

The group that runs the 2021 NASG Convention has unanimously decided to postpone the 2021 NASG Convention to 2022.

March 13, 2021

The 2021 Annual Member Car Announced

The NASG is pleased to announce the 2021 car for the "Annual Member Car" program (formerly the "Annual Commemorative Car" program). It is a 50-foot, three-bay covered hopper, to be manufactured by American Models. Click on the photo to read more about this car, and to place your pre-order.

Note that the 2020 car (the 50-foot MNS box car) is selling well, and we are getting low in stock on those. So, if you have been thinking about getting one of those, now is the time.

These cars are only available to active NASG members.

February 21, 2021

2021 NASG Convention Update

To help us prepare for the NASG Convention, we have added a short survey. If you are planning on attending this year's Convention or you normally attend NASG Conventions, please take the survey linked to on the web site.

February 20, 2021

Model Contest Forms Updated

The latest versions of the NASG Model Contest forms have been provided and are now available on a dedicated page of this web site.

February 06, 2021

NASG Election Results

"Wait! What?!? Election results? I don't remember voting?"

That's correct. The five NASG Board of Trustees positions that were up for election this year only had one person volunteer for each position. According to the NASG's Constitution, Article V, Section 9, "In the event that there are no contending candidates for all offices up for election and there are no other matters to be decided, a unanimous vote of the election committee, and the two positions not slated for election, i. e. the President and Treasurer, or the Executive Vice-President and Secretary, may declare the candidates are elected by acclamation and no ballot will be issued for that election."

This has been so done this year, and the results are as follows:

President: Will Holt (incumbent)
Treasurer: Michael Ferraro (incumbent)
Central Region Vice-President: Brian Jackson
Eastern Region Vice-President: Darby Marriott
Western Region Vice-President: Pete Gehret (incumbent)

The terms of the current Central and Eastern VPs will expire, and the new administration will begin, on the first day of the 2021 NASG Convention, which is currently scheduled for August 3, 2021.

January 20, 2021

Announcing The New NASG Librarian

Dale Minard has volunteered and has been selected as the next NASG Librarian. Dale is a member of the San Diego S Gaugers club, where he is already serving as their librarian. The properties of the NASG's Mobley library are being collected and sent to Dave Jasper, who will actually store the content. This is expected to be completed by April 2021. Dale Minard and Ted Larson will be working on digitizing the content of the library.

December 18, 2020

NASG Committee Changes

There have been a couple of NASG Committee Chairman positions that have changed hands in the recent weeks.

The American Flyer Commemorative Car Committee was run by Dave Blum, and will now be run by Clay Buckage. Sales of the remaining cars will re-start in March 2021.

The Convention Committee was run by Dave Blum, and will now be run by John Myers.

The Russell M. Mobley Library was run by Michael Greene. This position remains unfilled. The Library's properties are in storage and currently unavailable.

The Service Committee is required by the NASG's Constitution, but we have had no one to run it.

The new "Ad Hoc Committee" (membership outreach) has been created, and will be run by Ken Zieska.

October 14, 2020

2021 NASG Convention Site

The core details about the 2021 NASG Convention have now been made available on the dedicated web site. Please note that pricing and registration are still being worked on and will be added to the web site as soon as those are available. You will, however, be able to go ahead and make your hotel reservations now.

Please note that that web site is mobile-friendly.

September 19, 2020

Annual NASG Awards Announced

Despite the cancellation of the 2020 NASG Convention, the NASG Board of Trustees did still have their annual awards vote.

August 29, 2020

New NASG Promotions Committee Chairman

James McAuliffe, former NASG Western VP, has taken over the task of running the NASG's Promotions Committee from Greg Klein. Thank you, Greg, for running the committee for over ten years. Congratulations, James!

July 01, 2020

IMPORTANT: NASG Regional Re-organization

Effective today, the NASG has re-arranged the geographical areas flagged under the eastern, central, and western regions, each of which is represented by a vice-president. Follow the link below, scroll down to "Article IV REGIONAL ORGANIZATION", and see to which area you have been assigned.

What does that mean to you if you are an NASG member? If your geographical region is affected by this change (for example, you used to be in the eastern region, but you are now in the central region), the last character of your NASG membership number will change. The NASG Membership Secretary will start to update the NASG database now, and he is expecting it to take most of the month of July 2020 to apply the changes (over half of the members are affected by this).

You will likely see the biggest impact on this NASG web site, when you attempt to do any of the following:
a) log in via the "Members Only" page
b) purchase one or more products that require an NASG membership
c) you are renewing an existing membership.

At some point when the change is applied to the NASG database, you may no longer be able to log in. If this happens, contact the NASG Membership Secretary for him to give you your new membership number (or if you can figure it out yourself, try your new number).

If you have previously registered for access to the "Members Only" section of this web site and you have been assigned a new number, your previous registration will not work anymore. You will need to re-register with your new number, first, before you can gain access to the "Members Only" section.

June 04, 2020

NASG Contest Committee

Charlie Leonard takes over as the NASG's annual Convention's Contest Committee chairman, as Dick Karnes has decided to retire from that position. Thank you, Dick, for having taken on that task. NASG Executive Vice President Jim Whipple is a member of this committee. The committee is looking for one or two more NASG members to volunteer for this committee.

May 31, 2020

NASG Company Store

We are happy to announce that Shane Lambert has taken over the NASG's Company Store. Jeff Madden was running it only on a temporary basis when he took it over from Roy Meissner last year. Thank you, Jeff!

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