Sn3 Layouts

These are examples of Sn3-based model railroads. Click on the entry to view the layout. Note that by default we assume the layouts are still active, unless we are specifically informed that they are not. There are 109 layouts covered in this section.

Owner's Name

Layout Name


Addison, Jon

"Silverton Central"

Alspach, Bill


Amitrano, Steve

"The San Antonio Chili Line"

Anderson, Steve

"West Side Lumber Co."

Bennett, Gil

"Denver and Rio Grande Western"

Beverly, Bill


Black, Bill

"Animas & Lobato Southern RR"

Boudreaux, Jerry

"D&RGW Pasquinel Branch"

Brooke, Joe

"Denver, South Park & Southern"

Brown, Jim


Busacca, Bill

"RGS at Dolores, CO"

Carmichael, Gary

"Pittsburgh's West End"


"WSLCo in Sn3"

Christopherson, Bob


Claffey, Paul

"Lost Creek Lumber Company"

Constans, John

"Westside Lumber"

Covington, Matt

"Big Pine Timber Co."

Cox, Steve

"Sierra Northern"

Deimling, Mark


Delucchi, Norm

"Prescott, Dewey & Eastern"

Depolo, Steve

"Alaska Pacific Railway and Terminal Company"

Depolo, Steve

"Arroyo Lobo Branch"

Depolo, Steve

"RGS First District"

Ehlers, Kenneth

"The Crested Butte & Northern"

Ehlers, Kenneth

"Pandora & San Miguel RR"

Ellerby, Brian

"Copper River & Yukon"

Elliott, Chris

"Flint River Northern"

Evans, Mark

"Rio Grande Southern Railroad"

Flack, Michael


Fuss, Joe

"Rio Grande Southern Railroad"

Gerstle, Pat

"Denver & Rio Grande Western"

Hamway, Geoff

"RGS Telluride Branch"

Hanley, Bruce

"Washo & WindGapp RR"

Harper, Don

"The Harper Valley"

Hartert, Chic


Hatch, Stephen

"Rio Grande Western"

Hayes, Keith

"Paradox & Conundrum Ry"

Heine, David

"Lehigh & Western / Moyer Lumber Co."

Held, Dave

"Port Huron & Northern"

Helm, Bob

"D&RGW San Juan Extension"

Herzog, Bruce

"West Side Lumber Co."

Hobbs, Bill

"South Ozark Lines"

Hoffman, Roy

"Penn Western Railroad"

Hogan, Bob

"Auburn Division"

Hogan, Bob

"Concord Division"

Hogan, Bob

"Sierra Northern"

Jasper, Dave

"New England Central Railway"

Jolley, Doug

"D&RGW Third Division"

Jundt, Jeff

"Dakota Rails"

Kalin, John

"Rio Grande Southern"

Kalin, John

"Rio Grande Southern"

Kreutzer, Dale

"RGS Second District"

Kuchar, Bob

"Buffalo Valley RR"

LaChey, Marc

"Cripple Creek & Tincup Railroad"

Leedy, Darel


Leedy, Darel


Lorenz, Art

"D&RGW Third Division"

Loyd, William

"Oro Grande"

Lydecker, Bob


Mackay, Stuart


Malkiewicz, Dan


McCaffery, Michael

"Rio Grande Southern"

McCaffery, Michael


McHenry, Jim


McKenzie, John

"Red Mountain"

McKenzie, Mike


McNeese, Bob

"Southern Rio Grande"

Mehew, David

"Ontario Midland Railroad"

Meyer, Randy

"Canyon & Rocky Mountain Railroad"

Nash, Darrell

"Gold Rock, Columbia & Palisades"

Owings, Richard

"Rio Grande Northern Railway"

Pellitteri, Vinny

"West Side Lumber Co."

Peter, Bill

"P-B-L Display Layout"

Poole, Derrell

"Trout Creek"

Poole, Derrell


Pratt, John

"S Scale & Western"

Pyzel, Dan


Rainey, Lee

"Pennsylvania Railroad and East Broad Top in Mount Union"

Raymond, Craig

"Rio Grande Southern"

Romig, Chip

"Colorado & Silver River RR"

Russell, Roger

"Denver, Rio Grande & Southern Railroad"

Savage, Mick


Savaslian, Jack

"Chama Yard"

Schibler, Markus

"Rio Grande Southern & McPhee"

Schwab, Mike

"San Lorenzo Southern RR"

Scobie, Bill

"Rio Grande Southern"

Scoles, Paul

"Pelican Bay Railway & Navigation Company"

Segner, Russ

"Morton Branch and Coal Creek Lumber Co."

Shank, Joel

"RGS in Sn3"

Smith, Pete

"Loon Lake Railway & Navigation Co"

Spice, Jim

"Denver & Cat Canyon Western"

Stanley, Ken

"Grubstake & Bull Quartz Line"

Stetz, Jon


Stetz, Jon

"Durango, Rico and Northern RR"

Taglia, Dan


Thompson, Peter

"Marshall Pass"

Thurman, Chuck

"New Mexico Northern Railroad"

Troughton, Tom

"Cimarron & Tall Timbers RR"

Wahlberg, Al

"Denver & Rio Grande Western"

Waite, Gary

"San Juan Extension"

Walton, Jack


Wheat, David

"Denver & Rio Grande Western - Cleveland Division"

Wheeler, Rick

"Rio Grande Southern"

Wilson, Jerry


Winans, Bill

"Saint Louis Eastern and Pacific (old)"

Winans, Bill

"Saint Louis Eastern and Pacific"

Woodrell, David

"Rio Grande Southern - Northern District"

Wright, Craig


Zelkin, Alex

"Degulbeef & Cradding"

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