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T-TRAK was originally developed for N-scale, but the standard now includes all scales. The standard has very few requirements, making creativity a high priority. It is a simple, and easy-to-transport wooden box upon which track is attached. Originally developed in Japan where space is at a premium and modelers attending local train shows have to use public transportation, the small boxes make them ultra-portable, perfect for the modeler with limited space. Set-up at shows is typically done using standard folding-leg tables, upon which the modules are placed.

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The May/June 2017 issue of the NASG's The Dispatch, and the June/July 2017 issue of The S Scale Resource magazines each contain an article by Charles Malinowski describing the layout that he and other members of the Hoosier S Gaugers club created using the S-scale version of the T-TRAK standard. The layout currently has up to 4 straight modules and 4 curved modules. It has been taken to several area train shows in Indiana, as well as the 2016 NASG Convention. If you are interested in T-TRAK for S-scale, contact the NASG webmaster for Charles' contact info, or log into the "Members Only" portal of this web site to get Charles' info. He will be happy to answer any questions you might have about S-scale T-TRAK.

S-scale T-TRAK Module with MTH track; copyright © Charles Malinowski; used by permission

The S-scale T-TRAK Standard

The section covers the details of the S-scale T-TRAK standard, also known as "T-TRAK-S". For S-scale, this standard uses MTH's S-Trax sectional track system. This track system is similar to the N-scale Kato track system, in that it is pre-ballasted. If you happen to have some of the older S-Helper Service track (MTH bought S-Helper Service's tooling when that company closed), you should be able to use that as well.

All Modules


Track Interface

Track Offset *

Track Spacing **

Electrical Connection

2-3/4" to 4"

MTH S-Trax



BWWB ***

Straight Modules

Track Length

Module Length

Max. Depth




Corner Modules

Outer Radius

Inner Radius

Module Size




* the distance measured from the front edge of the modules to the center line of the track nearest the front edge.
** the distance measured from center line to center line of the two tracks.
*** BWWB = blue, white, white, blue wire colors, identical to the N-scale version; there is currently no standard for connectors for S-scale.


The following are the parts that Charles has been using for his T-TRAK modules. Links are provided to's web site, but these may be available through other retailers as well; links are just provided as a reference.

copyright © Charles Malinowski

For electrical connections, Charles uses the Fahnestock Clips. A value pack of 60 can be had, making them quite affordable. He chose these clips, because they are rugged and require no tools for hook-up, once they have been installed underneath the module with a small pan-head screw. Press down on the tab, insert wire, done! These clips conduct electricity.

For electrical connections between modules and between them and the power pack, Charles uses the Curt Trailer Plugs. These are intended for automotive use, but are universally available

The outside curved track is MTH 35-1008. This piece has a 25" radius, 30-degree, and there are 6 pieces per pack, so you would need three per corner module, or two packs to make a full set of four corners.

The inside curved track is MTH 35-1006. This piece has a 20" radius, 30-degree, and there are 6 pieces per pack, so you would need three per corner module, or two packs to make a full set of four corners.

The straight track is MTH 35-1001. This piece is 15 inches long, and there are 6 pieces per pack. For a double-track straight module, you would need 4 pieces. Also available are MTH 35-1002, which is a pack of 10" pieces, and MTH 35-1003, which is a pack of 5" pieces.


  • N-scale examples (scale is immaterial for the concepts)
  • Pinwheels
  • T-TRAK standard (PDF). In 2018 the T-TRAK organization voted that their standard is N-scale, so they removed all information related to other scales from their official web site. In 2020 T-TRAK has been integrated into N-TRAK, but they now do mention the possibility of using the T-TRAK concept in other scales.
  • Shows the S-scale Standard (image file; preserved when the T-TRAK standards committee removed them; these are the measurements we show in our tables above)
  • Customizable T-TRAK Benchwork Module Kits (ask for S-scale)
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