Info About the NWSL Stanton Drive

Below, Jim King provides information about how to adjust the wheelbase of the NorthWest ShortLine Stanton Drive, which is available in S-scale. NWSL carries 8', 8'6", and 9' wheelbase versions, with 33", 36", and 40" wheels, with a wheel thickness of code 110 (normal S) and code 87 (Proto:64). These are available powered and non-powered. If you engine doesn't need to pull much, you might save some money by only having one truck powered and use the non-powered one for the other. The Stanton drives are DCC-ready.

Remove the screws holding the PC board, lift one axle at a time just far enough to clear the gearbox. Then, rotate the off-center bearings, and put back in the gearbox slot. Rotating either set of bearings give you 6" of scale movement. While you're there, Jim suggests placing a couple drops of RC plane oil to the gears (he uses Trinity Royal Oil found in the RC plane section at Hobbytown USA), but likely any super-thin oil will work.

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