In this section of the web site we want to show some modelers' efforts at using the 3D-printing technology to create some interesting models in S-scale. S-scale, as compared to for example HO- or N-scale, is a small market. This means that fewer manufacturers are involved in producing S-scale items. But regardless of which scale or scales you model in, if you want something unique, you have to resort to kit-bashing, scratch-building, or 3D-printing your desired models.

3D-printing is unique in that when you find a model in another scale, most of the time, the designer will be able to scale it up or down to produce an S-scale model. There are limitations, such as the thickness or sturdiness of a portion of the print that may not translate well when going from a smaller scale up to S or a larger scale down to S. But, if you find a model that you would like to have 3D-printed but it is not available in S-scale, it doesn't hurt to ask the designer if he or she can convert it to S-scale (a fee may be charged for this effort, to cover the designer's time, in addition to the cost of having the model 3D-printed).

As the actual 3D-printers come down in price, people are buying them as legitimate modeling tools. So, you might also be able to find a 3D model design (free or commercially) that you can download, and then have your own printer print the model, or parts of the model that you then complete into the final model. And, if you have the time and the computer skills, you could even design your own models in a 3D CAD software program, and then print your own creations.

Experienced modeler who routinely print parts and models, highly recommend painting the parts or model as soon as possible, as continued exposure to UV light will make the item more brittle over time.

The following are S-scale models created using 3D-printing technology to form a completed final model:

Additional External Examples

  • Centerbeam Flatcar in S (create a "load" that turns a regular flat car into a centerbeam version; the .stl files are available for you to print your own!)
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