Product Notes & Kit Instructions

There are two places on this web site where you may find supplemental information related to S-scale models produced over the decades. Supplemental documents can range from scans, photos, drawings, schematics, owner's manuals, kit instruction sheets, and/or release notes. If any of these types of documents are only applicable to one specific model (or SKU/PLU number), then there will be a link in the detailed description of that particular model in the main "Product Gallery" listings.

However, if the documentation is applicable to a range of models, let's say for example the S-Helper Service 2-8-0, regardless of which road name the model was decorated with, then, rather than duplicating that info for each and every entry, that information is gathered here in this section of the web site. The detailed model description in the main "Product Gallery" will then have only one link to the relevant page in this section here. The same applies if a model has multiple documents, for example, if the person who did the scanning scanned each instruction sheet page into a separate .jpg image file, instead of combining them all into one PDF file.

Finally, any comments, personal experiences, and tips & tricks that modelers share on the various discussion groups may also be captured in this section of the web site, for all to enjoy and use when needed.

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