Future NASG Conventions

If you or your club are considering hosting a future NASG Convention, this page will provide you with all the information and the contact person that you will need.

Contact person: John Ciarleglio

Official Documents

Web Site Services

As part of the 2023 NASG Convention process, a collaboration of individuals in the leadership team have decided to try to offload as much work from the Convention hosting club as possible, for that and all future NASG Conventions. To that end, the NASG now provides these services to the hosting committee:

  • Web Site. The NASG webmaster has agreed to handle the entire web site dedicated to the NASG Convention. The pages are now tightly integrated into this main web site itself. This eliminates the need for the hosting club to have to go through the hassle of building a completely new web site that is most likely deleted some time after the Convention is over. The NASG webmaster has a complete site, which includes online registration, storage of registration data in a secure database, and provides the means by which the Convention hosts can easily gain access to the registration data. The Convention host simply needs to provide the NASG webmaster with the core details about the Convention, and the site will be fully functional in short order. When the Convention is over, the NASG webmaster will create a permanent and dedicated "summary" web page covering the Convention (see "Past Conventions" via the previous page; follow the "Web Site" link listed under the Convention's header on that page).
  • Online Payment. When a person registers for the Convention (or orders a Convention Car), the club has to handle the financial aspects. The NASG now has its own PayPal account and will handle all online payments made for a Convention on your behalf. All funds collected will be available to the hosting club. If an attendee to a Convention desires to pay by check or money order, he/she will still be able to postal-mail the check to the hosting club's Treasurer; the NASG does not need to handle those kinds of transactions.

Use of NASG Logo

In 2019 the NASG BOT decided that the NASG logo cannot be used by anyone, unless you get expressed permission from the NASG BOT, so those files are no longer posted on this web site. If you need them, contact a member of the BOT.

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