NASG Regional Ambassador Program

The NASG Board of Trustees has announced the new "Regional Ambassador Program". We are looking for regional volunteers to help the organization with this program.

Contact person: Brian Jackson, Central/Southeastern Vice President

General Overview

The Regional Ambassadors constitute one of the most fundamentally important positions in the NASG because they are the ones in the broadest contact with the general public, and therefore serve as the public face of the organization by attending local and regional open houses, train shows, modeling meets, and conventions. Consequently, it is important that Regional Ambassadors recognize that person-to-person contact lies at the heart of their service to the NASG. An Ambassador is much more likely to have success if he or she is a "people person" willing to engage the public despite the tedium of answering uninformed questions or spending long hours standing in front of a display table.

In addition to engaging the public, the Regional Ambassadors liaison with the local S clubs regardless of the clubs' orientation toward AF, Hi-rail, or Scale. The role the Regional Ambassadors play in their engagement with local S clubs is of critical importance; they provide a timely and vital link between the national organization and local clubs, encouraging its members to join the NASG and to take an active role in its affairs, including volunteering for NASG positions and hosting national conventions as well as providing feedback on how the national organization can respond more productively to the needs of local clubs.

The Regional Ambassador's Role

Proactively solicits conversion to S:

  • By attending local and regional, model-railroad-club open houses, train shows, modeling meets, and conventions.
  • By distributing the relevant tri-fold promotional pamphlets at each event.
  • By explaining the advantages of 3/16th scale model railroading to potential converts from other scales.

Works with local S clubs:

  • To assist in distribution of tri-fold pamphlets.
  • To create a communication channel between local clubs and the Promotions Committee Chair.
  • To promote membership in the NASG.

Proactively solicits membership in the NASG::

  • By explaining the advantages of NASG membership in the course of distributing the relevant, tri-fold promotional pamphlets to AF, Hi-rail, and Scale S enthusiasts.

Works with the Promotions Committee Chair:

  • To identify the most important open houses, train shows, modeling meets, and conventions in his or her region.
  • To create an annual promotions strategy for all events.
  • To analyze feedback from his or her attendance experience and share it with the Promotions Committee Chair.
  • To create a plan to visit the clubs in his or her region once every three years.
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