Members Only Portal

Our "Members Only" portal is restricted to active NASG members only. It currently provides the following features:

  • view/update your NASG membership profile;
  • search for other NASG members;
  • view/download the latest Dispatch issues & supplementals;
  • view annual Membership Meeting notes;
  • view general NASG membership statistics;
  • view this web site's statistics.

Contact person: Webmaster

Log In

If you have previously registered to log into the "Members Only" portal, click this button to log in.


If you are an active member of the NASG, you will need to register your membership number before you can gain access to the "Members Only" portal. Should your membership number ever change, you will need to register the new number, first.

Important Note: Starting on July 1, 2020, in accordance with the NASG BOT decision, the NASG Membership Secretary has changed a good number of the NASG membership's member numbers. This is covered on page 24 of the May/June 2020 issue of the Dispatch, regarding the "regional alignment". So, if you are unable to log in with your NASG number after that date, it is likely that the last character of your NASG membership number has been changed.

Do the following:
1. Look up your new regional area (see this page, "ARTICLE IV - REGIONAL ORGANIZATION").
2. Substitute the last character of your membership number with that new character.
3. Come back to this page and click on the Register button above.
4. Register for access to the "Members Only" portal with your new membership number.
5. You will be e-mailed a new password.
6. Return to this page and use your new membership number and your new password to log in.

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