Contact the Membership Secretary

The NASG's Membership Secretary can be reached by e-mail. You should expect a fairly quick response, unless he is out of the office. The Membership Secretary may also elect to call you on the phone to help you or walk you through something, if so desired.

Contact the Membership Secretary, if you have any questions or issues with the following:

  • new-member application.
  • renewal or re-join.
  • change of name, address, contact info, etc.
  • your Dispatch issue is being sent to the wrong location, or you've not received it.
  • membership online payment issues.
  • membership number questions.
  • update your S interests.
  • available membership types.

Contact the NASG's webmaster if you have any questions about, or issues with, the web site itself. If the Membership Secretary is out of the office, the NASG webmaster might be able to help with some questions or issues, if you are in a hurry. Otherwise, any general membership-related questions should always be sent to the Membership Secretary.

See the NASG Organization page for how to contact any other members of the NASG staff.

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