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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. Each weekend a new photo is added to the top of the list, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo (contact the webmaster).

copyright © Paul Washburn; used by permission.

In May 2020, Paul Washburn finished building this Southern Pacific water car. The main tank was formed out of 0.010" brass sheet, and the dome was made from brass tube stock. The ends are O-scale plastic castings by Grandt Line (#11) that he turned down to the appropriate diameter. The other details are all styrene. He used the AB brake system and air hoses from S Scale America (Des Plaines Hobbies; part #SSA397 and #SSA399). The tank rivets are by Archer (part #AR88079). The model was painted using P-B-L Star Brand "Sunburn Red" (part #STR-31), and the decals are by Tichy Train Group (part #10252S SP MOW). The trucks are by W.A. Drake & Co.

copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission.

The big news, of course, is that people are receiving their MTH fishbelly hoppers. Bill ordered several of the black-bodied hoppers. Bill also sent in the individual photos of the cars, which have been added to our Product Gallery.

copyright © Bob Werre; used by permission.

Santa is preparing to deliver presents at the Great Plains Northern Terminal Railroad of Bob Werre. Bob brought out his UP #768 and drove her out on the turntable. Santa's rear end had to be trimmed to get him to fit on the turntable arch (about 80 scale pounds' worth). The lumps of coal (after all it was 2020) are wrapped chocolates. To take the photo, Bob took 4 individual photos and digitally stacked them to have most of the scene be in focus.

copyright © Brooks Stover; used by permission.

The BC&G ran just 3 days a week in 1964 and those trains were short, usually 4 to 6 cars, of lumber and wood chips from the sawmill at Swandale. Here BC&G #13 is crossing the Swandale bridge on Brooks Stover's 12' x 25' layout depicting the BC&G in its final years of steam operation. The locomotive is an S-Helper Service Consolidation detailed to match the prototype. Brooks bashed the double door B&O box car from a single door Pacific Rail Shops kit and the bulkhead flat started as a junk American Flyer flat car. You can learn more about Brooks' layout via this page

copyright © Jerry Poniatowski; used by permission.

We have received a number of kit-bashing project photos and descriptions. This particular model is by Jerry Poniatowski, which has a bit of an interesting twist (see this page). Jerry also provided us with more photos of his passenger cars project that he recently shared on the S-scale mailing list. There are a number of kit-bashing projects to see on this page, including ones by Mark Charles, Bill Winans, and Dick Karnes.

copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission.

As it looks like the government lock-downs are continuing well into 2021, Bill Lane shared this photo of a better time when we are able to get together. As a matter of fact, this annual show was called the CJSS Get Together, held in a New Jersey church. S-Helper Service had their small display at the back (right of center in the photo). Don Thompson, of SHS, wearing the white shirt is on the far left of the photo. Bill thinks this was taken around 1992.

The NASG web site has been upgraded on December 7/8, 2020. To learn more about why, see this News entry.

copyright © Simon Parent; used by permission.

Over this past summer, Simon Parent did some modeling work, creating CNR stock cars and AAR 40-foot box cars. The stock cars shown in this photo are available with two different door styles. Contact Simon if you are interested in a kit of these cars.

copyright © Dale Kreutzer; used by permission.

Dale provided us with the details and photos of his gorgeous "RGS Second District" Sn3 layout. You can see it all on this page, including a track plan.

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