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About the Home Page Photos

Below is a bit more detailed information about the photos shown in our home page's rotation. Click the photo to see the larger version used on the home page. To help keep this listing fresh, please consider sending the webmaster a photo of your layout, diorama, module, model, or an S-scale event.

Photo #1

copyright © Rich Gajnak; used by permission.

Filling a steam engine's tender is not a trivial process. We are looking at a crew member starting this process on Rich Gajnak's former layout, filling the tender of a Santa Fe 4-8-4, a model manufactured by American Models. Here's an interesting link to a page called "A Locomotive Taking on Water".

Photo #2

copyright © Paul Washburn; used by permission.

This maintenance-of-way supply track on Paul Washburn's layout has a lot of detail in and around it. The crane is one that Paul built from a Lehigh Valley Models Brownhoist Pillar Crane kit (part #LVM20; still in production). Paul recalls that the concrete platform in the foreground may have been from the Canadian company The Hopper Line (part #S-11; long out of production). The structure way in the background is the "Citrus Shed" kit by Showcase Miniatures (part #3001; out of production). That kit was designed as a shallow-relief building, perfect for placing against backdrops. The cars are by various manufacturers, and most of the details in this scene are scratchbuilt by Paul.

Photo #3

copyright © John Henning; used by permission.

The Baltimore & Ohio Consolidation has completed its stop at the coaling station, and is ready to head out for the day's assignment. The 2-8-0 engine is one by S-Helper Service, which came fully painted and decorated, and included the engineer and brakeman figures. The 300-ton coaling station is a kit by Lehigh Valley Models. This model was built by the late Tom Boldt. This kit is still in production under its current owner, K & P Brick & Building Co. The scene is set on the Northern Ohio S Scalers club's modules.

Photo #4

copyright © Jerry Holmes; used by permission.

It's Autumn 1952 as Chesapeake & Ohio E8 #4024 crests the summit of Alleghany mountain at Alleghany, VA. This train is the westbound "Sportsman", one of C&O's premier passenger trains, which runs daily from Washington to Cincinnati. The motive power and passenger cars are from American Models. The vehicles are from M2 (Castline, Inc.), and the figures from Arttista. The steam locomotive on the turntable in the distance, is a brass C&O 2-6-6-6 class H-8, from River Raisin Models. The brick "A" cabin (as control towers were called by the C&O) was scratch-built by Bernard Kempinski, owner of Alkem Scale Models. The track is Shinohara code 100 flextrack, and the turnouts include Shinohara, Old Pullman, Tomalco, and Markway. All track is mounted on 1/4" Homabed over 3/4" plywood sub-roadbed. The track ballast is a natural product from Arizona Rock & Mineral. The sky-blue back-drop is painted on the sheetrock walls. There are a few thousand trees on the layout, mostly hand-made using natural materials for the tree forms. These include Oak Leaf Hydrangea and Nandina from the back yard, and Super Tree forms from Scenic Express. These forms were finished with ground foam of various fall colors, and then individually planted on the layout. Jerry's photo appeared on the inside cover of the November 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman in the NASG promotional ad campaign. There are more photos available of Jerry's layout on this page.

For information on how you can have a photo of your layout appear in one of the NASG ads in RMC, see this page.

Photo #5

copyright © Dale Minard; used by permission.

The Addams Family is throwing a Halloween party and they have invited the Munsters as their guests of honor; the rock band KISS is providing the musical entertainment. This scene was recently added to the San Diego S Gaugers club's window display layout. The "Seasonal Hill" layout is an 8' by 6' layout that is positioned at a window visible from outside the club's dedicated space. This allows visitors to view the layout, and, when the club is not open, the visitor can push a button to activate the trains and the layout for one minute. The track used for this layout is all Lionel. The club has three other layouts as well. The next time you are in the San Diego, California area, be sure to pay them a visit.

Photo #6

copyright © Bill Lane; used by permission.

Bill Lane's layout has the ability to pull train lengths of the kind seen in the real world. Here is a photo of four Conrail SD40-2 locomotives pulling a long mixed-freight train. These engines are all Overland Models brass locomotives, with three of the four having the correct detailing for Conrail. Two of the models are Bill's and the other two belong to a friend of his. There are more photos available of Bill's layout on this page.

Photo #7

copyright © Paul Washburn; used by permission.

The switching crew has tied up on the house track for beans at the depot in a photo taken by Paul Washburn on his fictitious Southern Pacific branch line in the town of Guth. Also on hand is a welder and his rig. He's telling a fish story about the big one that got away while the fellow on the locomotive platform listens politely. The SW1 switcher is a brass import from Oriental Limited to which Paul added sun shades, a taller stack, and polished aluminum head and rear light lenses. He also painted the model and decaled it using Microscale Decals "SP Tiger Stripe Switchers" (part #64-46) from Des Plaines Hobbies. The B&O wagon top box car and CB&Q flat car in the background are kits from Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc. The Santa Fe box car is a kit by Pacific Rail Shops. The welding truck started out as a Racing Champions 1940 Ford F-100 pickup. Paul used the cab, fenders, hood, grill, foot boards, and front bumper, but the rest of the truck is made from styrene and wire. The Southern Pacific medallion on the truck door is from an N-scale PMC decal set. The man telling the fish story is a figure from The Aspen Modeling Co. that Paul painted. The figure on the platform is from Arttista. The track and switches are hand-laid using code 70 rail and redwood ties purchased years ago from Clover House. Paul's photo appeared on the inside cover of the October 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman in the NASG promotional ad campaign. There are more photos available of Paul's layout on this page.

Photo #8

copyright © Craig Wright; used by permission.

UP SD70ACe Heritage unit #1989 crosses Price River at Castle Gate just west of Helper, Utah. A ubiquitous Rio Grande Tunnel Motor (SD40-2T) trails. The 1989 is a reworked Lionel SD70ACe. The pilot was removed from the trucks and screwed into the frame. The pilot openings were filled in and Kadee couplers installed. A light weathering was applied. The SD40-2T is an Overland Models brass import with added details and custom paint, and DCC sound and lights installed. The SP box car is an S Scale America model of an FMC double-door box car, which has also been lightly weathered. Track is code 100 by Custom Trax. The track ballast was special ordered (N-scale Woodland Scenics cinders) for the track to reflect the Rio Grande's use of slag and cinders from the Geneva Steel mill at Provo, Utah. The signals were produced by South Bend Signal Company (out of business) and are used to indicate turnout position only. The bridges are Central Valley HO-scale plate girders, and the bridge abutments are Chooch (also HO-scale). Scenery is hardshell gypsolite with dental plaster rock castings. The stream is EnviroTex Lite® shaded blue/green with Alclad paint. The photo was taken using a Samsung cellphone. Craig's photo appeared on the inside cover of the September 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman in the NASG promotional ad campaign. There are more photos available of Craig's layout on this page.

Photo #9

copyright © Bob Hogan; used by permission.

Truckee is a joint yard facility servicing both Southern Pacific and Western Pacific Railroad locomotives after their runs over the Sierra. In this photo we see a modified and detailed Overland brass Southern Pacific F7A/B set in the foreground and a River Raisin brass SP SD9 emerging from the roundhouse lead. At the sanding facility is a brass Overland Western Pacific A/B set of FT locomotives, an American Models GP9 and a brass Overland Alco S-4 switcher. Each locomotive has been detailed for specific WP locomotives. On the far sanding track are four additional American Models GP9 engines. All are detailed and modified for specific Southern Pacific prototypes. The first two are SP passenger Geeps. Bob's photo appeared on the inside cover of the August 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman in the NASG promotional ad campaign. There are more photos available of Bob's "Sierra Northern" layout on this page.

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The Toy Man Television husband-and-wife couple travel to the Intermountain Train Expo 2022 show, and while there visited with John Pratt to see is S-scale layout under construction.

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