NASG Convention Cars

Dave Blum organized the 2015 NASG Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. There are still a few of the Convention cars available. Clay Buckage has taken over the sale of the remaining inventory.

Contact person: Clay Buckage

How To Order?

You may order an NASG Convention car or cars via postal mail or by using this web site's shopping cart, whichever is more convenient for you.

Order Via Postal Mail

Please download, fill out, and mail, along with your payment, this form (PDF). To pay for your order, you will need to make out a check or money order to the "NASG" and it must be drawn against a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars. Your item(s) will ship when payment-in-full has been received and your payment has cleared our bank.

Order Via This Web Site's Shopping Cart

Alternatively, you can use our online shopping cart by adding the car or cars listed below to your shopping cart. We use PayPal for our online shopping cart, so you can use whichever method of payment PayPal currently offers to pay for your order (we do not require that you have a PayPal account, so if PayPal prompts you for that, just ignore it).


To U.S. or Canadian Addresses

We have a flat-rate shipping fee of $10 when you order one item, or $20 when you order two or more items, from this page and/or the A.F. Commemorative Cars page.

Outside of North America

If your shipping address is not in the United States or Canada, we highly recommend that you use our online shopping cart, as that will simplify all the currency-conversion. However, shipping internationally costs more, so to order one or more of these cars, and shipping outside of North America, do the following:

  1. determine which car or cars you would like to order (Clay now also handles the NASG AF Commemorative cars, so if you want those, include that in your communication with Clay).
  2. e-mail Clay to have him calculate your additional postage.
  3. purchase your items via the online shopping cart below.
  4. enter the extra postage quoted to you when so prompted during check-out (this value should be just the amount over and above the standard $10 or $20 shipping fee described above)

Inventory Reduction Sale

The NASG Board of Trustees has authorized the "Inventory Reduction Sale", effective January 1, 2020. The sale applies to both the cars listed below, as well as to the A.F. Commemorative Cars we still have in our inventory. Your purchase of these cars helps to continue to support the NASG. Please note the following restrictions:

  1. Cars are only available while supplies last;
  2. First-come, first-served;
  3. This sale will be discontinued at the NASG BOT's discretion.

The sale is as follows:

  • buy one car, price is reduced by 10%
  • buy two cars, price is reduced by 15%
  • buy three cars, price is reduced by 20%
  • buy four cars, price is reduced by 25%
  • buy five or more cars, price is reduced by 30%

This page lists the full price, but when added to the online shopping cart, the prices will be automatically reduced as applicable.

NASG Membership Not Required

NASG membership on Convention cars is only applicable for up to one year after the Convention, so these cars can now be purchased by anyone.

The 2015 NASG Convention Car

These PS-2 covered hoppers were manufactured by M.T.H., decorated for the Kansas City Southern, and are available with two road numbers. Only models with hi-rail wheels and couplers remain (shown in photo below), but note that these can be easily converted to scale couplers and wheels (contact your favorite retailer for the parts, if you don't already have them).

Road #286707 with AF-compatible couplers & wheels:



sold out

Road #286815 with AF-compatible couplers & wheels:


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