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Typically the person or club that organizes the annual NASG Convention will contract with a manufacturer to make a special run of a particular car specifically for purchase as part of that year's Convention. For some years not all cars are sold by the end of the Convention. These are offered for sale on this page.

Contact person: Dave Blum

How To Order: Shipping Within the U.S.

Shipping costs to U.S. addresses for the 2015 car is included in the price.

How To Order: Shipping Outside of the U.S.

All prices shown on this web site are in US dollars. To order NASG Convention cars for shipping outside of the U.S., extra postage is required. To do so, please do the following:

  1. determine which car or cars you would like to order.
  2. e-mail Dave (or call 1-443-834-2871 U.S. Eastern business hours) to calculate your additional postage.
  3. purchase your items via the online shopping cart below, and enter the extra postage when so prompted.

2015 NASG Convention Car

These PS-2 covered hoppers were manufactured by M.T.H., decorated for the Kansas City Southern, available with two road numbers. Only models with hi-rail wheels and couplers remain (shown in photo below). Limited quantities available. While supplies lasts. First-come, first-served.

(click photo for a larger photo)
$68 (hi-rail #286707)
$68 (hi-rail #286815)

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