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The NASG Company Store offers items for sale to NASG members and some to non-members. Sales provide additional support for the NASG organization.

Contact person: Roy Meissner

Shipping Within the U.S.

Prices now include shipping to U.S. addresses. All shirts and caps will be shipped in a USPS flat-rate Priority Mail box; everything else will be mailed USPS First Class.

NASG Convention/train-show pricing: if you purchase NASG Company Store items in person at a show, your prices will be discounted so as to not include the shipping cost.

Shipping Outside of the U.S.

All prices shown on this web site are in US dollars. Currently Roy is not set up to accept payments from outside of the U.S., however our online shopping cart is. Roy can, however, ship worldwide. By using the online shopping cart, you will save the hassle of having to convert your local currency to U.S. dollars (PayPal does this automatically). To order one or more of the NASG Company Store products, do the following (only applies to non-U.S. shipping addresses):

1. determine which products you would like to order, and how many of each.

2. e-mail Roy (or call 1-262-538-4325 US Central business hours) to calculate your additional postage.

3. purchase your items via the online shopping cart below, and enter the extra postage when so prompted.

How To Order

There are two ways you can place your order:

a) If you prefer to postal-mail your order (and pay using a check or money order in US dollars drawn against a US bank, made out to the "NASG"), click to view the Postal Mail Order Form.


b) If you prefer to pay via credit/debit card or your PayPal account, or if you live outside the U.S., use the convenient online shopping cart by clicking the appropriate Add to Cart buttons below.

NASG Coupler Height Gauge

Place this gauge on your track to determine if your engine or rolling stock's coupler is too high, too low, or just right. Intended for use with "scale" equipment only, i.e. those couplers compatible with Kadee-style couplers. Shimming the coupler draft gear or the body ride-height above the trucks are the usual methods modelers use to adjust the couplers' vertical position relative to this gauge. The gauges are available with either an HO-scale Kadee #5 coupler or an S-scale Kadee #802 coupler; which one you need is determined by what type of coupler you generally use on your engines or cars. The gauges are $6 each, or $5.50 each if you buy two or more (per coupler type). Price is automatically adjusted in the shopping cart whenever you increase the quantity ordered.

$6.00 (with Kadee #5)
$6.00 (with Kadee #802)

NASG Standard-gauge Track & Wheel Gauge

If you hand-lay track, or even if you use flexible track, or buy custom turnouts, you will need one of these gauges to make sure that your track is properly in gauge to run all your S-scale standard-gauge equipment. The gauge includes an instruction sheet on how to use the various measurements the gauge checks. One gauge is $7, or buy two or more for only $6 each. Price is automatically adjusted in the shopping cart whenever you increase the quantity ordered.


NMRA Sn3 Track, Wheel & Clearance Gauge

If you lay 3-foot narrow-gauge track, you will need this gauge. In a special arrangement with the NMRA, the NASG now also carries this gauge.

The gauge is $7 if you are an NASG member. If you are not an NASG member, the price is $14. If you are not an NASG member, but are an NMRA member, you can save some money by ordering this gauge from the NMRA (at their members-discount price; note that their price doesn't include shipping, whereas ours does).

$7.00* (NASG member)
$14.00 (non-NASG member)

* The shopping cart will reflect this price as soon as it can determine that you are an NASG member.

NASG Clearance Gauge - Classic Era

This gauge conforms to the NMRA S-7 track clearance standard, which defines the standard for clearing bridges, structures, and tangent tracks for the Old Time (pre-1920), the Classic (1920-1969), and the Modern (post-1983) eras. Our gauge applies only to the Classic era.

The clearance gauge is a tool to assist in building S-scale model train layouts, modules, and dioramas. Wherever track passes by a bridge, tunnel, structure, trackside object, or equipment on an adjacent track, the gauge can verify that rolling stock will be able to move unobstructed. It is not intended to be used as a gauge for building track work itself; just for positioning it and/or surrounding items. The gauge comes with a printed instructions sheet that tells you more about the standard, the gauge, and how to use the gauge on your layout, module, or diorama. The gauge was developed by the Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers club, and is made available through the NASG.


*$2 more for non-NASG members. The shopping cart will reflect the correct price as soon as it can determine whether or not you are an NASG member.

NASG Refrigerator Magnet

The NASG Refrigerator Magnet has the 50th Anniversary Logo on it.


NASG Lapel Pin

Show your support for the NASG at local club meetings and public shows! 3/4"-diameter lapel pin. Active NASG membership required.


NASG Patch

Add these patches to your club jacket, or any other garment or club signage. Active NASG membership required.

$4.00 (small 2-3/8")


Look cool and promote the NASG at the same time! Active NASG membership required.


NASG Golf Shirt

These high-quality, dark-blue shirts with a yellow NASG logo on their pocket are available in different sizes. Active NASG membership required.


$29.00 (M)
$29.00 (L)
$29.00 (XL)
$33.00 (XXL)

NASG T-shirt

These ash-colored, high-quality t-shirts feature a blue NASG logo, and are available in different sizes. Active NASG membership required.


$15.00 (M)
$15.00 (L)
$15.00 (XL)
$18.00 (XXL)

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