Create a Desktop Shortcut

It is relatively easy to make a shortcut to the NASG web site on your computer's Desktop (i.e. background).

This example shows Windows 7, but this is a feature that is possible in all versions of Windows. It may be different using the Mac.

The technique shown here works for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. It will also work for other web browsers. To make a Desktop icon to the NASG web site (or any other web site for that matter), do the following steps.

  1. Since you are already viewing the NASG web site, click on the NASG logo above left, to go to the NASG web site's home page.
  2. (whichever page you have showing will be the one to which you will create the shortcut)
  3. Make the web browser's window smaller, and move, minimize, or close any other applications that prevent you from seeing the Desktop in the background.
  4. Note a small icon to the left of the "" text in the web browser's address bar. The look of this icon may be different depending on which web browser you use or which version.
  5. Click on that icon with the left mouse button, and do not let go of the mouse button.
  6. Drag the mouse until it is over some open space in the Desktop. You will see a faint outline and a horizontal bar (as shown in the screen capture above).
  7. Once it is over some open space, let go of the mouse button.
  8. You will now have a Desktop icon that takes you directly to the NASG web site the next time you double-click on it.
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