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Some of us are wondering if Paul ever sleeps, or eats!?! (Just kiddin', Paul). Last month he completed scratchbuilding this ATSF 2-8-0 #1962. A prototype photo of this engine can be found on the web site. These engines were built by Baldwin in 1907, in a group with road numbers 1950 through 1991. RR Picture Archives' web site has a photo of road number 1950, after which this class of engines was named.

Photographer: Paul Washburn; used by permission.

The beauty of using flat cars in your trains is that you can show some really creative loads. This photo is of two Navy boats that Bill acquired and installed on his S-Helper Service flat cars. The crates hold the loose items, such as machine guns, that will be installed on the boats when they arrive at their destination. Here are some other ideas for flat car loads:

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

The 2020 release of the Lionel Berkshires have arrived. This is Terry's NKP model running on his layout. This page lists all the road names with which these engines were released.

Photographer: Terry O'Kelly; used by permission.

One of Bob's central views on his layout is the helix loop which surrounds a mine, called the "Thunderhawk Mine". The mine is built up from a B.T.S. "Cabin Creek Coal Tipple" kit (part #04105). Bob recently installed lighting into the structure, both interior and exterior. There are more photos available of Bob's "Great Plains Northern" layout on this page.

Photographer: Bob Werre; used by permission.

This photo was taken at the 2013 O Scale West Plus S show (renamed since then). This show is held in California each year, and brings together those modelers who enjoy S-scale and two-rail O-scale. More information about this show can be found on this page. Skipping the unknown/blurry person in the background, from left to right are Rusty R., Jettie Padgett (owner of SouthWind Models), Nelson Steinmetz, and Keith M.. Rusty is well-known for building steam locomotives and providing parts for those locomotives to fellow S-scale modelers. Nelson passed away a few years ago, but you can still see his layout on this page.

Photographer: Bill Winans; used by permission.

Charles Malinowski sent us this photo of the S-Helper Service SW9 doing some switching work on a siding on his layout.

Photographer: Charles Malinowski; used by permission.

Steve Terni's incredibly detailed American Flyer layout is a sight to behold! You could probably spend a few hours staring at it and still not see everything. Steve's layout will be fully covered in a feature article in the December, 2020 Classic Toy Trains magazine. This photo is a close-up view taken on his layout, showing the "Winter Village". We've added an overall view photo of his layout to this web site.

Photographer: Steve Terni; used by permission.

There is just a ton of detail to see on Alex Zelkin's layout. This is the scene at the lumber mill's edger. There are more photos of his layout on this web site, as well as Alex has written a book about his layout (see the link on that page).

Photographer: Alex Zelkin; used by permission.

Dick Karnes provided photos that he and Joe Visintine took of Bill Young's layout. Bill is well known for his operating bascule bridge. This photo shows, from left to right, Joe Visintine, Lee Johnson, and Bill Young. Bill is operating his layout, which can be seen in the background. You can view more photos of Bill's layout on this page.

Photographer: Dick Karnes; used by permission.

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