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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. Each weekend a new photo is added to the top of the list, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo!

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Dick Karnes provided photos that he and Joe Visintine took of Bill Young's layout. Bill is well known for his operating bascule bridge. This photo shows, from left to right, Joe Visintine, Lee Johnson, and Bill Young. Bill is operating his layout, which can be seen in the background. You can view more photos of Bill's layout on this page.

Photographer: Dick Karnes; used by permission.

Paul recently completed a pair of ATSF Caswell drop-bottom gondolas, which he built from scratch. He shared a number of construction photos, which we have captured on this page.

Photographer: Paul Washburn; used by permission.

Bruce Hanley has been working on a beautiful Sn3 layout. Roger Nulton has operated on Bruce's layout, and so he knew of its existence. When the new "Layouts" section of this NASG web site was added, Roger contacted Bruce and encouraged him to submit photos. You can learn more about Bruce's layout and see many more photos on this page.

Photographer: Bruce Hanley; used by permission.

Craig has two S-scale layouts, one is standard-gauge and one is 3-foot narrow-gauge. This photo captures a meeting at Castle Gate of two standard-gauge trains. The train in the background features two D&RGW SD40-2T "tunnel motors" passing a train led by D&RGW SD50, which was painted in the post-merger Southern Pacific "Speed" lettering. All three locomotives were imported by Overland Models (in 1983 and 1996, respectively).

Photographer: Craig Wright; used by permission.

Bob bought a SouthWind Models 2-8-0 that had all sorts of issues. He worked on it to get it up to today's standards, and was able to replace the cab with a Southern Pacific one from River Raisin Models. River Raisin also provided a number of additional details that Bob added. The photo was taken on Bob's beautiful "Sierra Northern" layout. You can learn more about Bob's layout by visiting this page.

Photographer: Bob Hogan; used by permission.

Mike Fyten shared with us a video of an onboard trip around his fantastic layout. You can watch the video on YouTube in all of its HD glory.

Photographer: Mike Fyten; used by permission.

"Old and new together" on Terry's layout. The layout has both a coaling tower for the older steam engines, and a brand new diesel facility for the latest equipment showing up on the layout. Terry provided a number of photos of his amazing layout. You can see them on this page. One of the things the new "Layouts" section has shown, with all of the photo contributions that modelers have made, is that there is some really fine and very creative modeling happening out there that most of us have been unaware of.

Photographer: Terry O'Kelly; used by permission.

An oldie, but goodie. Remember way back when, when we were allowed to stand close to each other, and when we used to have train shows, and an NASG Convention? Seems like such a long time ago, doesn't it? This photo, I believe, taken at the 2011 NASG Convention, featuring from left to right, Bob Werre, Gerry Evans, Dick Karnes, and Lee Johnson. Bob used to be the NASG's staff photographer and is continuing to work on his Great Plains Northern. Gerry was an NASG Western VP and then became the NASG's Central VP after a move. Dick Karnes is a prolific author, he has played many roles within the NASG (Executive VP, Librarian, Dispatch Editor, and Contest chairman) and continues to work on his New York, Westchester & Boston. Lee Johnson, unfortunately no longer with us, was the NASG's Western VP for many years, and then served as the NASG's Convention chairman.

Photographer: Bill Winans; used by permission.

A small group of us were recently discussing 1/64 vehicles, when Roger shared this photo. They are a collection of automobiles Roger has been working on over the years, as he is trying to find places to put them on his layout. What followed was a collection of e-mail responses providing captions for this photo. Mine (your webmaster) was that this reminded me of a Sunday morning parking lot of a country church (the church is behind the photographer). Roger buys S-scale vehicles from a variety of sources, and then details and weathers them.

Photographer: Roger Nulton; used by permission.

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