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From time to time we come across a reasonably well-shot video that features S-scale modeling. When we do, we like to feature it on this page.

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S Standard-gauge

Captured on this video is a visitor's view of Bob Werre's layout as it was in 2015. The first almost 5 minutes of the video is of his layout (note that the lead YouTube photo of the video is of the second, HO-scale, layout featured in this video). Bob's layout sits above a two-car garage. The layout is pretty much complete, although Bob spends most of his time tweaking and tuning it.

American Flyer/hi-rail

Mark Klemens gets to run his S-Helper Service SW9 on his friend's layout. What a beautiful layout!


Toy Man Television (a husband and wife team) go and visit Gil Bennett. Gil is an amazing artist (there are photos of his work, and a video showing him painting in this video), but he also has a tremendous Sn3 layout. If you are interested in how to paint backdrops, be sure view their follow-up visit with Gil, where he shows how he paints his Sn3 layout's backdrops.


This video was shot during the 2014 National Train Show convention in Cleveland, Ohio. It shows the "Sn2 Crew" group's Free-mo-style layout. It is a little shaky, but it does show off this beautiful layout nicely.

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