Scale Modeling

We invite you to follow the links below and enjoy some wonderful work being done in the "scale" side of S. To contribute, please contact the webmaster.

Photo Gallery

Some photos of fantastic work done by S-scale modelers.
Some photos of great Sn3, Sn42, and Sn2 models and layouts.
Some photos of beautifully hand-made models.

copyright © Brooks Stover

Mini Articles

Paul Washburn's scratchbuilt 4-8-0.
S-scale station wagon modeling by Ted Larson.
Paul Washburn describes how he modeled this engine.
S-scale models at the meet.
Bob Hogan's scratch-built tank engine.
Various track plans of actual S-scale layouts.

copyright © Bob Hogan


Although canceled, back issues are still available.
Canadian newsletter that has been somewhat dormant lately.
Occasionally runs Sn3 and Sn2 articles.
Bi-monthly magazine that covers all aspects of S modeling.
Semi-annual magazine devoted to Sn3 narrow gauge modeling.
Published 6 times a year by the NASG.
Brand-new, bi-monthly magazine (free and online only).