Scale Modeling

Although S-scale was made popular by the A.C. Gilbert company's American Flyer toy trains, a lot of new modeling is also being done true-to-scale, much like Z-, N-, HO-, and O-scale is being modeled today. We invite you to follow the links below and enjoy some wonderful work being done in the "scale" side of S. To contribute a photo, mini article, or link, please contact the webmaster.

Photo Gallery

Some photos of fantastic work done by S-scale modelers.
Some photos of great Sn3 and Sn2 models and layouts.
Some photos of beautifully built models.

copyright © Brooks Stover

Mini Articles

S-scale models at the meet.
Bob Hogan's scratch-built tank engine.
Modifying an S-Helper Service car by Ed Kirstatter.
Bob shares photos of his previous Sn3 layouts. 74 photos!
Paul Washburn's engines and cars.

copyright © Bob Hogan

Track Plans

David Held
(click to see track plan)
Dave shared the track plan for his current Port Huron & Northern Railroad (click to see his web site detailing his layout).
Roger Nulton
(click to see track plan)
Roger graciously shared his layout's track plan with us. His layout has been documented in several magazines. He calls it the "Monon's Fourth Division".

copyright © Roger Nulton


Although canceled, back issues are still available.
Canadian newsletter that has been somewhat dormant lately.
Bi-monthly magazine that covers all aspects of S modeling.
Semi-annual magazine devoted to Sn3 narrow gauge modeling.
Published 6 times a year by the NASG.
Brand-new, bi-monthly magazine (free and online only).
Listing of S-scale articles in non-S-specific magazines.
(updated October 30, 2014)

External Links

Lists all known Yahoo Groups and various forums that are focused on S-scale modeling or routinely cover S-scale modeling.
(updated August 10, 2014)
Qualified and validated links to web sites that feature S-scale layouts, either club or private.
(updated October 2, 2014)
Quality videos featuring S-scale model railroading.
(updated December 17, 2014)
Qualified and validated links to specific S-related articles.
(updated October 22, 2014)