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Below are various ways to view the entire listing of freight, passenger, caboose, and locomotive trucks produced in S-scale. This project has only just begun, so additions and corrections are welcome!

(friction bearing truck, from Wikipedia, public domain)

Brief Prototype History
Solid bearing trucks (also, incorrectly, known as "friction bearing" trucks) were the standard type of trucks into the 1960s. Well-known solid bearing trucks were the Archbar, the Andrews, and the Bettendorf trucks. Archbar trucks were found in the early 1900s up through December 1939, when they were banned from interchange. Andrews trucks were manufactured starting in 1910 and lasted into the 1930s. Bettendorf T-section trucks were manufactured in the 1910s. From the 1920s into the 1930s the Dalman trucks were found providing a smoother ride with their 8 springs (the bi-level ones could be found under 40' and 50' box cars that transported automobiles).

The most popular truck in the transition era was the AAR Type Y truck (which was manufactured under license from Bettendorf, and is often incorrectly called the "Bettendorf" truck - think "Kleenex" for tissues). During WWII the Barber S-2, ASF A-3 Ride Control (solid bearing version), and National B-1 were introduced. After the war, and up to 1955, Allied Full Cushion trucks were used for high-speed service (they were banned in 1955 due to frequent derailments).

Cabooses nearly always used leaf springs for softer rides (Barber-Bettendorf Swing Motion).

Starting in the 1930s roller bearing trucks were only used on passenger cars, because they cost more. However, with solid bearing trucks on their way out, freight cars started using roller bearing trucks beginning in the late 1960s. Solid bearing trucks were banned from interchange in 1995. Popular roller bearing trucks are ASF Ride Control, Barber S-2, ASF Ridemaster, and National C-1.


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Barber® S-2 50-ton roller bearing: two springs, 33" wheels
Barber® S-2 70-ton roller bearing: three springs, 33" wheels
Barber® S-2 100-ton roller bearing: three springs, 36" wheels
"ASF" = American Steel Foundries

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