Kitbashed Vehicles

This page contains photos and short descriptions of what modelers have done to create a unique vehicle model, given some commercial base model. If you have such a model and can take a digital photo or two of it, feel free to contact the webmaster (see below).

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Carl McAbee's Dump Truck

The cab is a modified GearBox Collectibles' Kenworth truck, from which he removed the sleeper compartment, the air foil, and the decals. He added the CB antennae. The hardest part of the project, according to Carl, was matching the cab's paint, which in this case turned out to be pure black (not any other shade).

(photo © Carl McAbee; used by permission)

The dump body was from a Tonkin Replicas model. The cover mechanism is from a First Gear model. Carl then added the chains and pins to prevent the gate from opening too far when the content were unloaded. This model is designed to carry gravel.

(photo © Carl McAbee; used by permission)

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