Structures by Name

There are 1,466 models listed in this report.

#110 2nd Street
#112 2nd Street
#114 2nd Street
#2 Double Handcar Shed
#2 Single Handcar Shed
#3 Foreman Office, Handcar Shed
1-story Storefront
11 N. Moore St Building
150' Howe Truss Bridge
1850 Fire Station
1900-era Wood-frame House
1920s Garage
1920s Gas Station
1920s Store Front
1920s Two-story Building
1930s Rural Garage
1930s Worcester Diner
1930s/40s-era Phone Booth
1950s-era Phone Booth
2 Challenge Ore Feeders
2-bay New York Firehouse
2-bay Stone Block Garage
2-stall Engine House
2-story House
2-story Storefront
20-Stamp Gold Mill
3-bay New England Firehouse
3-stall Brick Enginehouse
3-stall Garage
3-story Storefront
34' Bunk Houses
5 in 1 Outhouse Collection
50' Ballasted Deck Trestle
50,000 Gallon Water Tank
50,000-gallon Water Tank
52' Single-track Through Plate Girder Bridge
6 in 1 Outhouse Collection
A&W Root Beer Stand
Aarmco Steel Building
Aberdeen Roundhouse
AC&Y Railroad Station
Ace Auto Parts Store
Action Barn
Adobe Sheriff's Office & Jail
AH&D Steam Donkey
Airport Hangar with Airplanes
Airport Terminal
Akron Machine Tool
Al's Body Shop
Aladdin's General Store
Alamosa Depot
Albany Crown Towers
Allen Engine House
Alna Center Station
American Flag Company
American Steel Pipe Works
Amex Oil & Greeze
Anderson Pulpwood Yard
Angel's Nest Cemetery
Angelo Bova Wholesale Produce
Animas Forks Jail
Antinito Coaling Trestle
Antonito Station
Apartment Building
Apartment Building Type-A
Apartment Building Type-B
Arch Bridge
Arlee Station
Art Deco Gas Station
Arthur Arms
Assay Office
Atlantic Cable Hoist/Boiler House
Atsan Ice Company
Attawa Junction Station
Atterbury Station
Auto Supply Store
Automobile Service Center Type-A
Automobile Showroom Type-A
Automotive Interior / Exterior Garage
Automotive Paint Booth
Automotive Parts Store
Automotive Shop / Garage
Automotive Showroom
Aztec Depot
B&M Machine
B. Johnson Leather Works
Babcock Wells Water Tank
Back Alley Number 1
Back Alley Number 2
Back Alley Number 3
Back Alley Number 4
Backdrop Structures
Backwoods Loco & Repair Shed
Baker Tank
Baker Water Tank
Balanced-beam Turntable (gallows)
Bale Grist Mill
Ballasted Deck Trestle
Ballasted-deck Trestle
Barrie's Customs Shop
Barron Flats Water Tank
Bartlett Freight House
Bascule Bridge (operational)
Basic Stone Building
Bear River Tunnel Portals
Beattie's Grocery
Beehive Coke Oven
Bennet Water Tank
Berky's Lumber
Bermuda Ranch House
Berwyn House
Big Steel Mill 1
Big Warrior Bridge
Bigelow Station
BillCo Freight
Bird Cage Theater
Black Hawk Boiler & Sheet Iron Works
Blackhawk Town Block
Blacksmith Shop
Blacksmith/Carpentry Shop
Blacksmith/Carpentry Shop Annex
Blue Angel Smoke & Tattoo
Boiler House
Boiler Room (steam heating)
Bonded Warehouse & Storage Background Flat
Boone Depot
Boot Repair Shop
Booty Corner
Boxcar Storage Shed
Branch Line Depot
Branch Line Engine House
Branch Line Station
Branch Line Station with Tower
Branchline Coaling Bucket
Branchline Milk Loading Platform
Branchline Oil Facility
Branchline Station
Branchline Water Tank
Brick Cabin Tower
Brick City Jail
Brick Engineers Tools Shed
Brick Garage
Brick Mercantile
Brick Yard Tower
Bridge Crane
Bridge Tender's Shack #1
Bridge Tender's Shack #1, #2, Outhouses
Bridge Tender's Shack #2
Bridge/Tender Shack #1
Bridge/Tender Shack #2
Bridge/Tender Shack #3
Bridgton Machine Shop
Brooklyn Firehouse Engine 249
Brownhoist Pillar Crane
Buck's Creek Station
Budd Ice Co
Buffalo Warehouse
Building Rear
Bulk Oil Depot
Bungalow House
Bunk House
Burnside #7 Stamp Mill
Burnside Interlocking Tower
Bus or Rail Passenger Shelter
Bus Station
Caballo Blanco Trading Co
Cabin Creek Coal Tipple
Calavera Lighthouse
Camp & Water Tank
Camp 45 Cat Repair Shed
Camp Reynolds Cook House
Candelario Miramontes Adobe Hacienda
Canoe Shack
Canyon Junction Station
Cape Cod Houses
Car Barn/Pole Barn
Car Department Storage House
Car Maintenance Shop
Car Repair Barn
Car Repair Shed
Car Shop
Car Sprayers
Carolina Casting
Carrabasset Covered Station
Carrigain Dwelling
Carson Square Water Tank
CB&S Ash Pit
Central Camera
Central Pacific First Depot
Certified Truck Scale
Chain Store (5&Dime)
Chama Coaling Tower
Chama Depot
Chama Lube House
Chama Roundhouse
Chama Roundhouse & Power House
Chama Roundhouse and Power
Chama Sand House
Chama Sand House & Tower
Chama Sandhouse & Tower
Chama Scale House
Chama Station with Living Quarters
Chama Station without Living Quarters
Chama Turntable
Chama Water Tank
Chama Water Tower with Two Spouts
Chapel of Our Lady of Talpa
Cheat Run Trestle
Chicago Engine 42
Chillery's Cafe
Chinese Joss House (temple)
Church Type-A
Cicero Flats
Cimarron Mine
Cincinnati Terminal
Citrus Shed
City Hotel
Clegg's Cabin
Closed Deck Girder Bridge
Coal & Grain Elevator
Coal and Oil House
Coal Breaker
Coal Dealer
Coal House
Coal Loader
Coal Tower Topper
Coal Trestle
Coal Yard
Coaling Facility
Coaling Station
Coaling Tower
Coeur d'Alene Mine
Collingwood Roundhouse
Collingwood Roundhouse Extra Stall
Colorado Creek Freight Station
Colton Interlocking Tower
Columbia Cabin
Columbia City Coal Company
Columbia Gazette
Columbia Miners Cabin
Combination Station
Combination Station (with gables)
Combination Station Tower
Commercial Coal House
Communication Shack
Como Roundhouse
Company House
Concrete Loading Dock
Concrete Phone Booth
Concrete Railroad Telephone Booth
Concrete Storage Facility
Cone Roof Refinery Tank
Consolidated Auto Parts
Contention City Depot
Continental Canning Co
Continental Milling Elevator
Convenience Store
Cooley's Old Rose Mine
Coon Gap Sawmill
Coon Gap Slash Burner
Coots Jib Crane
Copper's Donut Drive-in
Corn Crib
Cornell Depot
Corner Store
Corrugated Box Co
Country Barn
Country Church
Country Grain Elevator
Country House
Country Market
Country Roads Gas & Grocery Store
County Fair
Covered Bridge
Cranberry Church
Cranston Tower SS241
Crawford Notch Engine House
Cream City
Creede Station
Creeky Roofing Co.
Cresco Water Tank
Crested Butte Depot
Crested Butte Station
Crested Butte Water Tank
Crick Hollow Hardware
Crossing Guard House
Crossing Shanty
Crossing Tower
Crossing Watchman's Shelter
Crossroads Church
Cumbres Depot
Cumbres Section House Coal Shed
Cumbres Station
Curved Trestle
Cut Stone Bridge
Cut Stone Supply Shed
Dairy Barn
Daley Bros. Pipe & Supply
Dallas Divide Bunk House
Dallas Divide Hotel
Dallas Divide Section Car Shed
Dallas Divide Section House
Dallas Divide Tool House & Coal Shed
Dandy Don's Cafe
Davis Drugs
Davy Crocket Log Cabin
Dayna's Designs
Dead River Station
Deck Bridge
Deck Plate Girder Bridge
Depot at Dulce, New Mexico
Depot at Jefferson
Depot at Sargents, Colorado
Depot Number 3
Depot Privy
Devor Feed & Grain Building
Diesel Engine House
Diesel Engine Sanding Station
Diesel Enginehouse
Diesel House
Dill's Market
Dime Store
Dioramas Scene 2018
Dispatcher's Office
Dodson Farm's Creamery
Dodson Farm's Milk Platform
Dog House
Dog Houses
Dolly's Dress Shoppe
Dolores Conoco Plant
Dolores Depot
Dolores Section Foreman's House
Don's Dry Goods
Don's Generic Gas Station
Donaldson Box Factory
Donaldson Canning Factory
Donaldson Packing Plant
Double Peak Wooden Warehouse
Double-track Cantilevered Signal Bridge
Double-track Interlocking Cantilever Signal
Doug's Diner
Dove Creek Mill
Dulce Station
Dulce, NM Depot
Duncan's Boots
Durango Car Shop
Durango Coal Tower
Durango Coaling Tower
Durango Depot
Durango Roundhouse
Durango Roundhouse Walls
Durango Sandhouse & Tower
Durango Station
Durango Turntable
Durango Water Tank
Durango, CO Coaling Tower
Durango, CO D&RGW Depot
Dynamite / Fuel Storage Shed
Dynamite Storage Shed
Earl Lee Store
Earl's Oil
East End Grocery
East Side Wood-frame Store
Elbow Room
Electric Utility Pole Kit
Electrical Relay Box
Elevated Crossing Shanty
Elevated Crossing Tower
Elliot and Sons Supply
Enclosed Hex Wooden Water Tank
Enclosed Truck Weigh Scale
Enclosed Water Tank
Engine House
Engine House at Gorre
Enterprise Stove and Range Company
Estuary Trestle
Eton Interlocking Tower (MOP)
Eustis Junction Station
Everest Country Store
Extra Stall
F.D. Work & Co.
Fairbanks and Morse Coaling Tower
Fall Creek Mercantile Store
Fall Creek Passenger Station
Fallberg Station
False Front Store
Farm Country Western Ranch
Farmers' Union Dairy & Produce Transfer Dock
Farmington Freight Office
Farmington Water Tank
FDNY Engine Co. 5
FDNY Rescue 4 & Engine Co. 292
FDNY Squad 18
Feed Mill
Feeder Barn
Feller's Garage
Fire Hose Cart House
Fire House
Fire Station
Fire Station Type-A
Firehouse / Garage
Firehouse, Station 1
Firehouse, Station 2
Firehouse, Station 3
First Savings & Loan
Flack Mine
Flag Stop
Flagstop Passenger Shelter
Flagstop Station
Floating Roof Refinery Tank
Forest City Welding
Forks Creek Depot
Frame Storage Garage
Framed Trestle
Framed Trestle Bridge
Franke Furniture & Coffin Shop
Freelance Watchman's Shanty
Freight Depot
Freight House
Freight Shed
Freight Station
Freight Station (small)
Frenchie's Bar & Grill
Frischers Freight House
Front Gable Outhouses
Frosty Bar
Fuel Storage Tank Shed
Fulton Fruit Coop Warehouse
Furniture Factory
Gable Barn
Gandy Dancer's Shack
Gantry Crane
Gas Station
Gas Station Kit
Gas Station Type-A
Gateman's Tower
Gato Section House
Gato Water Tank
General Store
Ghostport Freight Station
Girder Bridge
Glory Mine
Gophir Meadows
Grain Bin
Grain Elevator
Grand Central Gold Mine
Grandview Storage
Granite City Bank/Stone Cafe
Great House
Greeley's Place
Greenhouse with Flowers
Greenwood Station
Greezy Gus' Hamburgers
Greg's Grocery
Gulf Oil Gas Station
Gulley Trestle
Gunnison Coaling Tower
Gunnison Roundhouse
Gunnison Sandhouse & Tower
Gunnison Station
Gunnison Station (pre-1930)
Gunnison Turntable
Gunnison Water Tank
Habbaker's Garage
Half Moon Bay 1861 Spanishtown Diorama
Half Through Girder Bridge
Halsted Hobby Store
Hand Car & Tool House
Handcar House
Handcar Shed
Hardware & Pharmacy
Harriman Mine #3
Harvey's Hardware
Harvey's Hobbies
Haunted Garage
Haunted Lighthouse
Hawk Milling Co
Hawthorne Tavern
Heavy-duty Deck Girder Bridge
Herbert's Crossing Freight House
Hercules Cement Co
Hermosa Beach Depot
Hermosa Creek Bridge
Hidden Treasure Mine Co. No. 2
Hillside Water Tank
Hinkle's Package Store
Hip-roof Barn Red
Hip-roof Barn White
Hobo Jungle
Hodges Hardware
Hogan's Hardware
Holiday Interlocking Tower
Hoosier Mama's Pies
Hospital Type-A
Hotel Bruce
Hotel Lemmon
House of Lords
House Under Construction
Howard Brothers Feed & Grain Complex
Howard S Craftsman
Howard's Drive-in Restaurant
Howe Thru-Truss Covered Bridge
Howe Truss Bridge
Howe Truss Bridge (Bear River)
Howe Truss Bridge (Hermosa)
Howe Truss Deck Bridge
Howe Truss Deck Span Bridge
Howe Truss Through Bridge
Howe Wood Deck Truss
Hukill Mine
Humbolt Loader
Humbolt Yarder
Ice House
Icing House
Icing Platform
Icing Platform Kit
Icing Station & Platform
Icing Station and Platform
Idaho Hotel
Ignacio Station
Ignacio Station with Living Quarters
Ilium Depot
Indian Trails Garage
Industrial Factory
Industrial Factory Scene #4
Industrial Factory Section #1
Industrial Factory Section #2
Inspection Car Shed
Instrument House
Insulbrick Garage
Interlocking Signal Tower
Interlocking Tower
Iron Horse News
Iron Horse Press
Itchy's Crab Shack
J. Harry Jones Coal Co
J.R. Siedel Welding Shop
Jack's Cabin Water Tank
JD Tower
Jebediah's Carriage and Wheel Repair
Jebediah's Carriage Repair
Jefferson Depot
Jefferson Ice Co.
JJ Harris Warehouse
John's Feed & Grain
Julie's Cantina & Dance Hall
Junior's Shiner
Kansas Grain Elevator
Kathy's Greasy Spoon Cafe
Kee's Chinese Laundry
Keeler Engine House
Keeler Water Tank
Kermits Kleaning Khemicals
King Post Truss Bridge
Kingfield Car Shop
Kingfield Engine House
Kingfield Girder Turntable
Kingfield Powder House
Kingfield Winter Store
Kirk's Books
Kokomo House
Kowalski Hardware Store
La Jara Station
La Jara Water Tank
La Wow
Lake City Station
Lake Junction Station
Land Office
Laramie Windmill & Pumphouse
Large Corner Store
Large Hog Building
Large Storage Building Burgundy
Large Storage Building Green
Large Storage Building Grey
Large Storage Building Red
Large Storage Building with Porch Green
Large Storage Building with Porch Red
Laurel Brook Station
Law Office Building
Laws Balanced-beam Turntable
Laws Depot
Leaverite Mine
Left to Rot
Lehigh Lumber Co
Lehigh Valley Traction Milk Platform
Lehighton Tower
Lenox Hotel
Less-than-carload Freight Station
Light Industrial Building
Lighthouse Type-A
Line/Tool Shack
Lineside Coal Shed
Lineside Shed
Lineside Telephone Booth
Lions Head
Little Creek Mine
Livery Stable
Livestock Auction House
Lizard Hd Bunk House
Lizard Head Bunk House
Lizard Head Handcar Shed
Lizard Head Section House
Lizard Head Station
Loading Coral
Loading Platform & Crossing Shanty
Log Cabin
Log Cabin with Rustic Fence
Log Camp Cars
Log Skidder
Long Bell Skid Shacks
Long Branch Saloon
Los Pinos Water Tank
Lucky Mine
Machine Shop
Main Street House
Main Street Wood-frame House
Maine (Bridgton) Texas Gas Station
Maine Wooden Turntable
Mainline Water Tank
Maitland Tower
Majestic Hardware & Feed
Mancos Depot
Manual Block Tower
Manufacturing Building
Maplewood Station
Marine Supply House
Mason Grain Supply Company
Masonry Tunnel Portal
Maude Monroe Mine
McCabe Backwoods Engine House
McCabe Blacksmith Car
McCabe Bunk Car Single Clerestory
McCabe Bunk Car Triple Clerestory
McCabe Company Office
McCabe Cookhouse Car
McCabe Dining Car
McCabe Drying Kiln
McCabe Log Dump
McCabe Office Car
McCabe Planing Shed
McCabe Pump House
McCabe Sawdust Shed
McCabe Shower Car
McCabe Slatyfork Sawmill
McCabe Tramway & Storage Yard
McCabe Water Tank & Hose Storage
McCormac's Dry Goods
McElder's Bicycle Shop
McMurray Shipping Warehouse
McPherson's Tooling & Machining Co
Mears Junction Water Tank
Medium Hog Building
Medium Storage Building Green
Medium Storage Building Grey
Medium Storage Building Red
Medium Storage Building with Porch Green
Medium Storage Building with Porch Grey
Medium Storage Building with Porch Red
Mercantile Store
Merced Tower
Merchandise Mart Walkover Bridge
Merlin's Workshop
Mid-Century Gas Station
Middleton & Sons Warehouse
Milk Station
Mine Building Set 1
Mine Building Set 2
Miner's Cabin
Miners Cabin with Stone Chimney
Miners Cabin with Stove Pipe Chimney
Miners Supply
Miners' Shacks
Mitchell Dwelling
MLS&W/C&NW Depot
Moark, Arkansas Depot
Mobile Home
Modern Deco Gas Station
Modern Office Trailer
Modern Steel Building
Modern Steel Enginehouse
Modern Steel Warren Truss Bridge
Modern Warehouse (Texas)
Modular Freight House
Modular Industrial Low-relief Structure Kit
Monero Depot
Monero Station
Montana Grain Elevator
Montezuma Post Office
Montrose Station
Mooney's Plumbing
Motor Car Shed
Motor Court Master
Mrs. Skillens Store
Mt. Princeton Station
Mt. Princeton Telegraph Office
Multi-purpose Building #1
Murphy's General Store
Nanton Grain Elevator
Narrow Gauge Critter Shed
NASG Brick Building
National Belle Mine
National Saloon
National Stove
Nella Grocery
New England Barns
New England Connected House
New England Farmhouse
New England Firehouse
New England Rancher
New England Sugar House
New Jersey Fire Tower
New Lisbon Depot
New River Freight House
New York City Police Department Hot Pursuit Central Command
New York Engine 252 Firehouse
New York Hook & Ladder 8 Firehouse
Newton Falls Station
Oakboro Hay and Grain
Office Building Green
Office Building Grey
Office Building Red
Office Building Type-A
Office Building Type-B
Office Building Type-C
Office Building Type-D
Office Building Type-E
Oil Loading Facility
Oil Shed
Oilton Club Saloon
Old Fashioned Gas Station
Old Fort
Old Ruined Church
Old Stone Bank
Old-time Covered Bridge
One car garage
One Story Section House
One Window Store
Open-deck Timbered Trestle
Ophir Depot
Ophir General Merchandise
Ophir Section Car Shed & Depot Outhouse
Ophir Tram House
Ophir Tramhouse
Orbisonia Station
Ore Pocket
Ouray Depot
Ouray Engine House
Ouray Gordon Kimball Hardware
Outdoor Wood-burning Furnace
Overhead Crane
Packard's Diner
Pandora Boiler House
Parlin Water Tank
Passenger Shelter
Passenger Station Platform
Pedestrian Crossing
Pershing Bakery
Pete's Garage
Phillips, Maine Depot
Phone Booth
Phone Booths
Photo Studio
Picklers Warehouse
Pickles Delight
Piggy-back Ramp
Pile Bent Bridge
Pile Trestle
Pile Trestle Bridge
Pillar Crane
Pine Creek Lumber Co. GreenChain
Pine Creek Lumber Company
Pine Creek Tower
Pirate Stronghold
Pittsburgh Firehouse
Placerville Depot
Placerville Garage
Placerville Store
Placerville Warehouse
Plant #2
Plant-Sumner House
Platform Signal
Police Call Box
Police or Railroad Station
Police Station
Police Station Type-A
Poncha Junction Station
Pony Truss Bridge
Pony Truss Turntable
Pool Hall Bordello
Port Royal Bridewell Prison
Port Royal Warehouse
Portable Cabins
Portable Inspector's Building
Portable Storage Unit
Post Office
Post Office Type-A
Powder House Water Tank
Power House
Pratt Bridge
Prebles Milk Stop
Prince Edward
Prince Edward Express Company
Pritchard's Barn
Pro Patria Mill
Produce Loading Platform
Professional Building
PRR Station
Pullman Hobbies
Pump House
Pump House Building
Pumphouse & Derrick
Purina Chows Feed Mill
Quartz Hill Mine
Queen Post Truss Bridge
Queen Post Truss Covered Bridge
Quonset Hut
R.R. Phone-booth
Rabbit Hash General Store
Radio Tower
Railroad Blacksmith's Shop
Railroad Carpenter's Shop
Railroad Pump House
Railroad Work Car
Railroad Yard Shed
Railway Express Agency Background Structure
Randolph Depot
Random Stone Bridge
Ravine Trestle
Reading Water Tank
Reading's Rushland Station
Rectangular Signal Tower
Red Eye Saloon
Red Light District
Red Mountain Freight Terminal
Red Mountain Mine
Reeds Mills Depot
Reeds Section House
Rialto Theatre
Rico Coal Pocket
Rico Coaling Trestle Pocket
Rico Depot
Rico Depot Outhouse and Sheds
Rico Engine House
Rico Enginehouse
Rico Section Car Shed
Rico Station (as built)
Rico Station (as planned)
Rico Water Tank
Ridgway Boxcar Storage Shed
Ridgway Depot
Ridgway Depot Coal Shed and Outhouse
Ridgway Office/Warehouse
Ridgway Park Hotel
Ridgway Roundhouse
Ridgway Sandhouse
Ridgway Station
Ridgway Turntable
Ridgway Water Tank
Ridgway Yard Buildings
Rigsby Freight Terminal
River Bank
Road to Rail
Roadmaster Office
Roadside BBQ Shack
Roadside News & Magazine Stand
Roadside Stand
Rocker Building
Roll-Away Cattle Loader
Rose-Walsh Smelter Office/Assay Building
Rose-Walsh Smelter Ore House/Granulator Tower
Rose-Walsh Smelter Receiving Shed & Bins
Rotary Car Dump
Roubies Corner Saloon
Row House
Row Houses
Rowe Shaft Headframe and Hoist House
Royal Imports
Rub-a-Dub Car/Truck Wash
Rudy's Printing
Rural Church
Rural Post Office
Rutland & Son Machine
Rutland & Son Machine Extension
Salida Coal Co. Bins
Saltillo Through Plate Girder Bridge
Sam E's Manufacturing
Samuelson's Hardware
Samuelson's Hardware Store
Sand House
Sand House at Sargents
Sanders Tank
Sanding Facility (double-track)
Sanding Facility (four-track)
Sans Souci
Santa Fe Depot
Saponera Station
Sargent Coaling Station
Sargent Depot
Sargent Sand House
Sargent Station
Sargent Water Tank
Sargents Roundhouse
Saulenas Tavern
Saunders Pyramid Water Tank (P&R)
Scale House
Schofield Depot
School Type-A
Schoolhouse with Playground Equipment
Sears House
Section Car Shed
Section House
Section Tool House
Section Tool House No 1
Selkirk Roundhouse
Selkirk Roundhouse Extra Stall
Shawano Water Tank
Shed #1
Shed #2
Shed #3
Shed #4
Shed Roof Outhouses
Sheet Metal Storage
Shipyard Brewing
Shophouse Building Type-A
Short Span Trestle
Short Trestle
Shortline Enginehouse
Shotgun House
Side Gable Outhouses
Siedel Welding
Siegel Building
Signal Bridge
Signal Maintainer's House
Silk Mill, Four-story Shadowbox
Silk Mill, Three-story Shadowbox
Silver City Nevada Mine Shed
Silver Dollar Cafe
Silver Plume Bakery
Silver Plume House
Silver Plume Store
Silverton Bunkhouse
Silverton Depot
Silverton Hardware
Silverton House
Silverton Station
Singer Watch Repair
Single Car and Tool House
Single Stall Engine House
Single Track Warren Truss Bridge
Single-stall Engine House
Single-stall Switcher Shed
Skippy's Hot Dogs
Slade's Office
Slim's Shoe Shop
Sliver Plume Station
Small Branch Line Depot
Small Brick Machine Shop
Small Building Western Style False Front
Small Carriage House
Small Church
Small Company House
Small Corner Store
Small Cranberry Warehouse
Small Forge
Small Freight House
Small Gas Station
Small Interlocking Tower
Small Residence
Small Residence No. 2
Small Steel Mill #2
Small Store
Small Town Depot
Small Two-story Home
Smitty's Music Shop
Smooth Sided Overhead Bin
Soda Springs Station
Sokevsky Bldg
Sonny's Shack
SOO Line Depot #2
South Londonderry Station
Southern Cotton Gin
Southern Fruit Distributor
Southern Pacific Type 23 Depot
Spar Tree
Speeder Shed
Spiffy Biffy
Split Log Wall Kit Blank
Split-Level House
Springfield Depot
St. Francis of Assisi Church
Standard #2 Depot
Standard Bunk House
Standard Coal House
Standard Coaling Tower
Standard Elevated Crossing Tower
Standard Ice House
Standard Interlocking Tower
Standard Mail Crane
Standard No. 2 Depot
Standard Outhouse
Standard Passenger Shelter
Standard Scale House
Standard Station #1
Standard Station #3
Standard Telltale
Standard Toolhouse
Standard Victorian Depot
Standard Water Tower
Station Agent's House Vance Junction
Station Coal House
Station Platform
Steam Pile Driver
Steam Powered Sawmill
Steel Shed with Windows
Steel Through-girder Bridge
Steel Trestle Bridge
Steel Utility Shed
Steel Water Tank
Sterling Tower
Stock Loading Ramp
Stock Pen
Stock Pens
Stock Yard
Stock Yard Chutes
Stone Roundhouse
Stone Workshed
Stoner Water Tank
Strong Depot
Suburban Station
Sumner-Plant House
SuperMarket (small)
Supply Shed
Swanson's Lunch Stand
Switch Tower
T. W. Snow 25 ton Coaling Tower
T.W. Snow Coaling Tower
Tad's Livery
Tall Random Stone Bridge
Team Track Office
Teamster's Barn
Telephone Booth
Telltale Two-track
Telluride Baths
Telluride Brunswick Saloon
Telluride Depot
Telluride Outhouse
Telluride Station
Texaco Service Station Diorama
Texas Pumphouse & Derrick
The Atlantic Cable Mine
The Big Cold Storage Facility
The Car Shop
The Factory
The Garage
The Gravely Building
The House at the Trestle
The Little Red Mill
The Loading Dock
The Mercantile
The Office
The Pitkin House
The Saloon
The Shack Miners Cabin
The Shanty
The Stone Barn
The Tobacco Barn
The Warehouse
The Yard Office
Thorp Mining Supply Co.
Three Springs Depot
Three Stall Handcar Barn
Three Stall Shed Green
Three Stall Shed Grey
Three Stall Shed Red
Three-door Building Green
Three-door Building Grey
Three-door Building Red
Three-door Building with Office Green
Three-door Building with Office Grey
Three-door Building with Office Red
Three-story Warehouse
Thrope Mine Supply
Through Girder Bridge
Through Plate Girder Bridge
Timber Snowshed
Tippee's Canoe Shack
Titman's Tavern
Tobacco Barn
Tommy Knocker's Cabin
Tool House
Tool Shed
Tool Storage Shed
Town Hall
Toxic Terminal
Track Side Shed
Track Side Warehouse
Track Worker's Residence
Trailer Park
Transmission Tower
Traveling Crane
Tres Casas
Trestle Bridge
Tri-Star Oil
Triple J Repair
Truck Unloading
Truss Bridge
Tuckahoe Station
Tunnel Liner
Tunnel Portal (old-time)
Tunnel Portl with Rock Shields
Tunnel Rock Shields
Tuolumne Dispatcher's Office
Turbine House
Turner Centre Creamery
Turner Metal Works
Turnpike Interchange
TV Station
Twilight Drive-In
Twilite Drive-In
Twinspan Turntable
Two Stores in One
Two Window Store
Two-building Kit
Two-stall Engine House
Two-stall Enginehouse
Two-story Factory
Two-story House
Two-story Outhouse
Two-track Signal Bridge
Two-track Trestle
U.S. Post Office
Union Brewery
Union Hotel
Union Station
Universal Cinder Conveyor
Up the Creek Paddle Shop
UP-style Roundhouse
Uptown House Type-A
Valley Iron Works
Vance Junction Coal Pocket
Vance Junction Outbuildings
Vance Junction Section House
Vern's Repair
Vicky's Veggie's
Victorian Business
Victorian Cottage
Victorian Gingerbread Cottage
Victorian Mansion
Victorian Station
Victorville Pumphouse & Derrick
Village Depot Mine
Village Depot Storage Shed
Vintage Gas Station
Virginia City Ore Bin
Wagon Wheel Gap Station
Walter's Building
Warehouse Type-A
Warren Truss Bridge
Watchman's Crossing Shanty
Watchman's Shanty
Water Column
Water Columns
Water Tank
Water Tank at Gorre
Water Tanks
Water Tower
Weekend Workshop
Weeks Water Tank
Wells Engine House
Wells Fargo Office
Wesley's Woolen Mill
West Side Lumber Camp Reynolds Cook House
Western Store
Western Storefront
Western Warehouse
Westside Bunkhouse
Wheeler's Mercantile
Wheelwright's Shop
Whistlestop Diner
White Birch Tank
White Castle Hamburgers
White Tower
White Tower/White Castle
Wicked Wandas
Wier Gulch Timbered Trestle
Willamette Donkey
Willamette Yarder
Willet's Supply Co.
Williamson's Warehouse
Windmill with Farm Machinery
Winton Place Depot
Wiscasset Grain Company Complex
Wiscasset Hand Car House
Wiscona/Wyeville Interlocking Tower
Wise Interlocking Tower
Wolf Creek Roundhouse
Wood Truss Bridge
Wood-Coal Bin
Wooden Loading Dock
Wooden Oil Storage Tank Farm
Wooden Scale House
Woody's Lumber Yard Set
Woolworth 5 & 10
Wooster Gas Warehouse
Yard Control Tower
Yard Master Office
Yard Office
York's Store
Zeke's Cabin

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