Manufacturer:The Nord Co.
Model Introduced:1948
Product Type:Kit
These kits were released in four parts. The customer had to buy part 1 (first section of the locomotive), then later part 2 (the rest of the locomotive), followed by part 3 (the drive train), and part 4 (the tender) before all of the kit was accumulated to actually build the model. The model did not run well. The main photo shows the considerably modified model by Jack Sudimak, with a new sandbox, Belpair firebox, Pennsy-style cab, and a small Vanderbilt tender. And look at those shiny brass flag post on the pilot! And that spiffy spoked engine truck wheel? Too bad the bell got lost. Painted and lettered for Jack's home road "Penn Creek & Western". The other photos show the content of some of the boxes of the kit's parts.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
photo © Ed Kirstatter

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