Manufacturer:S-Helper Service
Manufacturer ID:01791
Model Introduced:2003
Product Type:Plastic
Finishpainted, not lettered
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Produced as follows: SHS #01051: AC/DC, LM sound, hi-rail wheels. SHS #01071: DCC, sound, hi-rail wheels. SHS #01091: DC, no sound, hi-rail wheels. SHS #01751: AC/DC, LM sound, code 110 wheels. SHS #01771: DCC, sound, code 110 wheels. SHS #01791: DC, no sound, code 110 wheels. The Supplemental links are to the Instruction Manuals; the first one is for the DC-LM version, while the second one is for the DCC version. The third one are notes about how to disassemble the model.
photo © Eric Hopkins

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