Manufacturer:Rex Engineering
Manufacturer ID:21
Model Introduced:1966
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Model Online Article:visit site
The PRR Belpaire conversion kit was separately available from Rex. The main photo shows Rusty Rustermeier's model. Photo #2 shows Jack Troxell's model. Photos #3 and #4 are of Jack Sudimak's model, with a conversion to a PRR model via a brass add-on Belpaire firebox casting. This model does not have the Walschaert valve gear put on it. This switcher is a freelance passenger or light-freight locomotive designed from several prototypes, but the closest prototype is the PRR's B6 class. The PRR actually provided blueprints to Rex when they were designing this model. The NASG's Mobley Library has the kit's instruction booklet available. Putt Trains re-introduced the model in 2003 both in ready-to-run and kit form.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
photo © Bill Winans

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