Manufacturer:A.C. Gilbert American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:350
Road Name:fantasy: American Flyer Lines
Road Number:350
Model Introduced:1948
Finishpainted & lettered
This model was produced in 1948 and 1950. The streamlined B&O "Royal Blue" Pacific has a diecast boiler and sheet-metal tender. In all, there are 14 reported variations. The two 1948 models shown in the photo as well as the other eight 1948 models all have wire handrails while the 1950 models have cast handrails. Due that the fact that the Royal Blue was produced in 1940-41 as #556 as a 3/16" pre-war S-gauge locomotive that utilized three-rail track, there were some leftover tender shells from that production era. Therefore, in 1948 Gilbert used the excess tender shells on early 1948 models as seen on the #350 in the front of the photo. The indented models tend to be the rarest of the #350 except for one of the 1950 models which has "Royal Blue" printed on the tender as opposed to "American Flyer" or "American Flyer Lines" that is printed on all of the other 13 variations.
photo © Ted Hamler

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