Manufacturer:A.C. Gilbert American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:21160
Road Name:fantasy: American Flyer Lines
Road Number:21160
Model Introduced:1958
Finishpainted & lettered
Reading Lines Atlantic locomotive is the uncataloged #21160 which was produced from 1958 through 1960 and has four variations. The first, and most common, variation has a metal bell and whistle with a one-piece chassis. The second, dated May 1958, has a metal bell and whistle. However, it has a two-piece chassis. The third variation, produced in 1959, has a bell and whistle that is an integral part of the boiler with a two-piece chassis. The fourth variation, shown in the main photo, is date-stamped May or November 1958. It has a metal bell and whistle and a one-piece chassis. This variation is exclusive to the #20151 and #20161 Simmons sets produced in 1958. The thing that makes this variation unique is that it has an 8-32 threaded hole centered between the drivers. Shown in Photo #2 are two examples of the #21160. In the foreground is the fourth variation with the 8-32 threaded hole. In the background is and example of a #21160 without the 8-32 threaded hole.
Photo #2
photo © Ted Hamler

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