Road Name:Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW)
Road Number:318
Prototype Class:C-18
Model Introduced:1984
Product Type:Brass
Model Online Article:visit site
Also produced as road numbers 315, 316, and 319. Model Railroader magazine did a product review of these engines in their August 1985 issue. The reviewer (Jim Hediger) mentioned the models have "a fineness of detail that is remarkable". The models dimensions matched the prototype's. The models are made of etched and formed brass with lost-wax detail castings and brass wire piping. All of the drivers are sprung, with the middle two having no flanges. They were tested at running at 2 smph at 2.6 volts, up to 27 smph at 12 volts. The model, with tender, weighs 17 ounces, can handle down to a 24-inch radius curve, and can pull 3 ounces without slipping (about 40 free-rolling cars). They are very smooth runners. Another product review was done in the May issue of the 1985 Model Railroading magazine. The original box included enginemen, coupler draft-gear boxes, backup light, and thinfilm decals. The models arrived unpainted, as shown in Photo #2. Manufactured by Samhongsa, Seoul, Korea. Another run was done in 2005 by Boo-Rim, Seoul, Korea.
Photo #2
photo © Bob Hogan

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