Freight Car Loads: Gears

Name:120-ton Steam Boiler Equipment
Manufacturer:Chooch Enterprises (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:7282
Product Type:Plastic Kit
The Chooch set consists of two gears, one gear mount, a flywheel, and a Scotch marine boiler mounted on cribbing. The set is marketed by Chooch as usable for "HO-scale or larger". Ed used the parts from two sets to provide loads for the cars shown in the other photos. Photo #2 shows two flywheels and the gears in an S Scale America 40-foot gondola (placed on some wooden cribbing). Photo #3 shows the two large gears, mounted on brackets, which Ed glued in a Branch Line Models ACL 40-foot gondola. Photo #4 shows the boilers from two kits placed on an S-Helper Service flat car. These measure 1-3/4" in diameter and fit perfectly across the car's deck. Ed glued the loads to the flat car, and placed stakes in the stake pockets next to the loads. Chooch also sells smaller versions of these boilers (parts #7280 40-ton/small and #7281 80-ton/medium). Also covered in the "Loads for S Scale Open Top Cars" article by Ed in the 2010 Fall issue of the 1:64 Modeling Guide magazine.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
photo © (Chooch Enterprises stock photo)
Name:Industrial Gears
Manufacturer:Model Tech Studios (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:SD0007
Product Type:Resin
Gears and flywheels.
photo © (Model Tech Studios stock photo)

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