Figures by Model Tech Studios

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Hobo Bending Over

Homeless and Hungry

Hobo Seated

Homeless Vet

Hobo Walking

Down-on-his-luck Larry
Railroad Hobo

Man Bending Over

Pumping up a Tire

Man Seated

Hillbilly with his Rifle and Whiskey

Man Walking

Mountain Man with his Dog
The Prospector and his Donkey

Non-human Standing


Non-human Walking


Railroad Man Standing

Railroad Station Agent in Uniform
Train Conductor

Railroad Man Walking

The Railroad Porter

Working Man Bending Over

Sack Stacking Worker
The Bucker #2
The Feller #2
Warehouse Worker #2

Working Man Climbing

The Tree Topper

Working Man Seated

Equipment Operator

Working Man Standing

Equipment Operator
Fisherman with Catch
Fisherman with Crab
Ice Delivery Man
Ice Delivery Man
Ken the Freight Worker
Moonshiner Carrying His Brew
Sawing Workshop Man
The Bucker #1 Sawing with Bow Saw
The Bucker Boss
The Dairyman, Carrying Milk Can
The Swamper
Two Fellers with Chainsaw
WoodWorker with BandSaw
Woodworker with Radial Arm Saw
Woodworker with Table Saw

Working Man Walking

The Company Janitor
Warehouse Worker #1
Warehouse Worker #3

Working Woman Standing

Soda Girl/Car-hop Diner Waitress

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