Figures by CatzPaw Innovations

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Dough Boy

Beach Man Lying Down

Man Wearing Swim Trunks
Man Wearing Swim Trunks

Beach Man Standing

Man Wearing Speedo

Beach Woman Lying Down

Girl Wearing Bikini

Beach Woman Seated

Girl Wearing Bikini

Beach Woman Standing

Girl Wearing Bikini
Girl Wearing Bikini

Child Crouching

Skateboarding Dan Crouching

Child Kneeling

Child Kneeling w/Toy Train

Child Seated

Johnny Figure

Child Standing

Bobby Figure
Skateboarding Dan Upright

Couple Dancing

Bride & Groom Dancing
Ed & Pat

Couple Running

Couple Running

Couple Seated

Biker Set

Couple Standing

Billy & Deb plus One

Cowboy Leaning

Cowboy Frank

Cowboy Riding

Buffalo Bill Cody
Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

Cowboy Seated

Man Wearing Hat
Wagon Driver

Cowboy Standing

Cowboy with Bent Arm
Man Wearing Suit & Hat

Doctor Seated

Doctor Sitting at Desk

Doctor Standing

Doctor Standing


Bus Driver
Carriage Driver
Female Farmer Driver

Injured Man Lying Down

Man Injured
Man Injured

Injured Man Seated

Man Injured
Man Injured Head & Neck Bandaged
Man Injured Head Bandaged

Injured Man Standing

Man Amputee on Crutches
Man Arm in Sling Head Bandaged

Knight Riding

Knight Errant on Horse
Knight Jousting
Knight Templar on Horse

Knight Standing

Knight Errant
Knight Templar

Man Crouching

Jason Squats, Hands Open

Man Golfer

Golfer Male Putting

Man Kneeling

Chinese Man Squatting Hands Closed
Chinese Man Squatting Hands Open
Man in Long Coat & Hat

Man Lying Down

Chinese Man Lying Arm on Chest
Chinese Man Lying Left Leg Bent
Chinese Man Lying on Back Legs Bent
Chinese Man Lying on Side Propped
Chinese Man Smoking Pipe
Man Laying Left Leg & Arm Bent
Man Laying Right Leg & Arm Bent

Man Seated

Biker Kirk
Biker Male Sitting
Biker Max
Carl Figure
Chinese Man Sitting Leaning Forward
Chinese Man Sitting on Ground
Kurt with Single Oar
Kurt with Two Oars
Moonshine Mike
Porta Potty Pete

Man Standing

African American Man Standing
Barefoot Male
Graffiti Artist Walt
Husky Angry Man
Man Arms Partially Bent
Man Holding Something
Man in Long Coat & Hat
Man Top Hat, Looking Down
Man With Hands Up & Open
Mike & Sarah
Sam & Andrew
Surfer Dude Shaun
Surfer Dude Shawn
The Gambler
Willard Crouching
William Missing a Button
Winston Standing Hands in Pockets

Man Walking

Chinese Man Walking
Peasant Male

Medical Man Standing

Man Carrying Stretcher Hands Down

Medical Man Walking

Man Carrying Stretcher Hands Down
Man Carrying Stretcher Hands Forward

Military Man Seated

WW II Army Infantry Sitting
WW II WAC Sitting

Military Man Standing

WW II Army Infantry Baffled
WW II Army Infantry Standing Pose 3
WW II Army Infantry Standing with Pack Pose 3
WW II WAC Standing
WW II WAC Standing Pointing

Military Man Walking

WW II Army Infantry Standing Pose 1
WW II Army Infantry Standing Pose 2
WW II Army Infantry Standing with Pack Pose 1
WW II Army Infantry Standing with Pack Pose 2

Non-human Standing

Alien Classic
Alien Creepy
Big Foot Brawny
Ghost Family Glow-in-the-Dark

Non-human Walking

Big Foot
Big Foot

Police Kneeling

Police K-9 Unit Release
Police K-9 Unit Sit

Police Running

Police K-9 Unit Run

Police Standing

Officer Dan
Police K-9 Unit Take Down
Police Officer Directing Traffic
Police Officer Standing Waiting
Police Officer Traffic Control
Police Officer Writing Ticket
The Marshall

Police Walking

Police K-9 Unit Walk

Railroad Man Seated

Engineer Eddie

Santa Claus

Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus
Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Santa Claus w/Toy Bag

Set: Doctors & Patients

Doctor's Office Figure Set

Set: Military Men

WW II Army Infantry Set 1
WW II Army Infantry Set 2

Set: Military Women


Set: Police

Police K-9 Unit Set

Set: Working Men

Video Cameramen

Woman Golfer

Golfer Female Putting

Woman Seated

Biker Female Riding
Carol with Single Oar
Carol with Two Oars
Female Rider
Patient Sitting Female
Patient Sitting Mature Woman
Woman Wearing Dress Sitting

Woman Standing

1940s Female Chatting
1940s Female Drinking Coffee
1940s Female Pouring Coffee
1940s Female Set
1940s Female Taking Notes
April Figure
Lady in Dress Carrying Pot
Woman Wearing Dress & Hat

Woman Walking

1940s Female Walking
African American Female Walking Long Dress w/Pot
Peasant Female
Woman Wearing Dress Carrying Buckets

Working Man Crouching

HazMat Henry
John Squatting Hands Together

Working Man Kneeling

Video Cameraman

Working Man Seated

Skid Steer Loader Operator

Working Man Standing

Construction Worker
Floyd w/Clipboard and Hard Hat
Fritz w/Clipboard
Gas Station Attendant Pumping
HazMat Hank
HazMat Harry
HazMat Howard
Ralph the Journeyman Meat Cutter
Shoveling Shannon
Shoveling Steve
Video Cameraman

Working Man Walking

Video Cameraman

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