1890 Box Car, Truss Rod

Manufacturer:Canadian Railway Model Co.
Category:Box Car, Truss Rod
Prototype Year/Era:1890
Road Name:Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Road Number:52914
Model Introduced:1965
Product Type:Wood Kit
Prototype Dimensions:36'
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The kit was packaged in a 8"x3"x1-1/2" box. The kit consists of two sprues of ten NBW, track spikes for the door's lower guides, a handbrake wheel, and pewter metal K brake, turnbuckles, and queen posts. Also included are brass wire for the truss rods, hand brake shaft, and brake rigging. The body appears to be made out of basswood. The kit does not include trucks or couplers, but does include two screws to attach the trucks to the body. Alex Huff provided the copy of the kit's instruction sheets. He has elected not to build the kit, due to its historic value, but plans to use the instructions to scratchbuild one.

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