S-Helper Service Caboose, Extended-vision

Manufacturer:S-Helper Service
Manufacturer ID:00217
Category:Caboose, Extended-vision
Model Introduced:1999
Product Type:Plastic
Finishpainted, not lettered
Holt has sent an update on this project. Photo #2 shows how he decided to change this previously undecorated caboose to one for the D&H. He repainted it into the 1959 delivery scheme for D&H #35710 through 35719, from builder Int'l Car Co. These were the first steel cabooses on the D&H. The roof, end-rails, ladders, roof-walk, and hand-rails were brush painted with Testors Model Master enamels. Decals came from Microscale. The S-Helper Service model has lights, lanterns, and a two-man crew.
Photo #2
photo © Holt Apgar

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