1978 Gondola, Thrall

Manufacturer:Train Stuff
Manufacturer ID:24913
Category:Gondola, Thrall
Prototype Year/Era:1978
Road Name:Rock Island (RI/ROCK)
Road Number:400298
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Prototype Dimensions:52-1/2'
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Randy won the kit on eBay. It was complete, except that the cast-resin sides had warped slightly. The kit included underbody detailing plans for the wrong car, so Randy found one for the thrall gondola in the December 1980 Railroad Model Craftsman issue. Randy painted the interior with Polly Scale Reefer White, the underframe with Polly Scale Steam Power Black, and the ends with Polly Scale GN Big Sky Blue (the kit's instructions recommended Floquil GN Blue and Floquil White in a 50/50 mix).
Photo #2
photo © Randall Griggs

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