1947 Tank Car 1-dome

Manufacturer:Overland Models
Manufacturer ID:4001
Category:Tank Car 1-dome
Prototype Year/Era:1947
Model Introduced:1986
Product Type:Brass
One of the 1986 NASG "Special Projects" cars. The model was based on an American Car & Foundry 10,000-gallon non-insulated, low-pressure tank car. These are the most-commonly-seen tank cars. They were used for general service, including transporting gasoline, fuel oil, alcohol, caustic soda, etc. The models included the AB brake system installed. They were available with either scale coil-sprung T-section Bettendorf trucks, or AF-compatible Ace sprung-Bettendorf trucks with hi-rail wheels. 40 models were produced by Ajin of Korea, and imported unpainted.
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photo © Tom Henderson

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