1937 Box Car, Double-sheathed

Manufacturer:The Supply Car
Category:Box Car, Double-sheathed
Prototype Year/Era:1937
Road Name:Great Northern (GN)
Product Type:Wood Kit
Prototype Capacity:100,000lbs
Prototype Dimensions:40'
The car was modeled after the AAR 1937 steel box car design, but made out of wood, because the GN was heavily committed to the lumber industry. They used Dreadnaught 4/5 pressed steel ends and Youngstown steel doors, and were equipped with AB brakes. A total of almost 8,000 were built in 1937 (#50000-50999, built by ACF), 1939 (#51000-51999, built by Pullman-Standard), 1940 (#52000-52999, built by Pullman & Pressed Steel), 1941 (#47000-49999, built by General American, ACF, Pullman, and Pressed Steel), and 1942 (#45000-46999, built by Pressed Steel). The model shown in the photo (built, but not finished) uses Pacific Rail Shops ladders, Grandt Line AB brakes, resin Dreadnaught ends, and Ye Ol' Huff-n-Puff white metal Youngstown doors.
Photo #2
photo © Bob Hogan

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