1928 Box Car, Single Door

Manufacturer:American Models (click for web site)
Category:Box Car, Single Door
Prototype Year/Era:1928
Road Name:Timken
Road Number:1002
Prototype Class:HT
Product Type:Plastic
Finishpainted & lettered
This was a special 40-foot box car run for the Central Ohio S Gaugers club as a 2004 Spring S Spree car. Ed added a few details, including grab irons.
photo © Ed Kirstatter
Manufacturer:S Scale America (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:SSA701
Category:Box Car, Single Door
Prototype Year/Era:1928
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Road Number:504477
Prototype Class:X29
Model Introduced:2013
Product Type:Plastic Kit
Prototype Dimensions:40'
Model Online Article:visit site
Prototype Link:visit site
Youngstown doors. Decals used: SSADPRR16. Temporary trucks installed. See online article for how the model was built. The PRR built them over a period of ten years from 1924 to 1934. They had an 8.5-foot interior height. As initially built, these cars came with Creco doors, KD brakes, and Carmer cut levers. A total of 18,000 of those were built, in five different road number series. Starting in 1928, the cars were equipped with Youngstown doors. A total of 11,476 of those were built. Starting in 1932 the cars were being equipped with AB brakes, which was completed on almost all cars by the late 1940s to early 1950s. Note that some cars with the Creco doors remained in service until the 1960s. Other railroads used this same car design, so Des Plaines Hobbies has decals available for those as well.
photo © Peter Vanvliet

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