1923 Box Car, Single-door, double-sheathed

Manufacturer:The Supply Car
Category:Box Car, Single-door, double-sheathed
Prototype Year/Era:1923
Road Name:Northern Pacific (NP)
Product Type:Wood Kit
Prototype Capacity:80,000lbs
Prototype Dimensions:40'
The most numerous of all Northern Pacific's double-sheathed box cars were the 5,000 8'9" interior-height cars built between 1923 and 1932 by Western Steel, AC&F, General American, P-S and PC&F. Another 500 were built by the NP's Brainerd shops using 4/5 Murphy ends in 1931-32). These cars had the traditional NP radial roof but were built using trussrods, and a deep fish belly underframe. They were equipped with new Murphy 7/8 pressed-steel ends, and 6'3"-wide wood doors. They were numbered 10000 through 13999 (Murphy ends) and 14000 through 14999 (Dreadnaught ends). The kit was produced for The Supply Car by Lake Junction Models, and included Jerry Glow decals and wood laminated Murphy ends, but no trucks or couplers. The photos show the finished model and the before-paint state.
Photo #2
photo © Bob Hogan

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