1949 Flat Car

Manufacturer:V&T Shops
Category:Flat Car
Prototype Year/Era:1949
Road Name:Southern Pacific (SP)
Road Number:141286
Prototype Class:F-70-7
Model Introduced:1991
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Prototype Dimensions:53'
Prototype of this 70-ton car has built dates of 1949 and 1950. The kit consists of urethane castings for the carbody and floor, soft-metal underbody details (the complete brake system), and various sizes of wire. Decal manufacturer is unknown (at the time S DeSignS had decals for this car). Dick installed Rex equalized trucks (not included) and S-scale Kadee couplers. The second photo is a model by Bill Roberts, which uses Rex trucks with NWSL wheels. Ed Kirstatter reports that the mounting for the trucks is rather unusual, in that a 5/64"-diameter king pin comes down from bolsters onto which the trucks are to be position, and then to hold the trucks in place a pink tubing is used. Ed also states that no decals were supplied with his kit, but he had them designed by Ed Sauers, and printed by Tichy Train Group. The kit's instructions provide prototype information about how this car was also converted for use in Piggy-back service, and outfitted with bulkheads. When built, the model weighs 5-1/2 oz.
Photo #2
photo © Dick Karnes

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