1919 Box Car, Single-sheathed

Manufacturer:S-Helper Service
Manufacturer ID:01839
Category:Box Car, Single-sheathed
Prototype Year/Era:1919
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Road Number:44824
Prototype Class:X26
Model Introduced:1996
Product Type:Plastic
Finishpainted & lettered
Prototype Dimensions:40'
Circle Keystone scheme. Also produced as SHS #01840 (road number 45319, see second photo by Holt Apgar), SHS #00066 (road number 564281), and SHS #00067 (road number 518392). Note that for the second run of these cars (the 018xx numbers), the first letter "N" was missing in the road name. The first run (the 0006x numbers) did not have this problem. According to Don Thompson, the issue was that the font in the digital drawings put the letter too close to the vertical brace, which then caused the factory's equipment to not apply the letter. Unfortunately, it was not caught during quality-control. C-D-S decal set #S-310 provides a letter "N" that is a close match.
Photo #2
photo © Peter Vanvliet

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